Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Weekend Get-Away...Rock Crawling!

This weekend, my family and I took a much needed break from this....

...getting the house ready for the local Festival Home Tour in a couple of weeks, and headed for the HILLS! I've found that you can think your home is relatively clean, until you imagine people walking through...critiquing. Things take on a whole new light then! I so needed a mini-vacation from the cleaning and decorating!!!

Several families from our church get together and go "ROCK CRAWLING" every few months. Kevin and the kids went for the first time in August. But ME, not being an "outdoor woodsy type of gal, who just can walk on FLAT ground," stayed home. I missed them like crazy, so I vowed to go the next time. When they planned the trip for this past weekend, I was in! Confession: I didn't actually GO rock-crawling with the group this steps here. Instead, I held down the cabin, read, and shopped. ...and was waiting for them in the evenings with the lights on! A wonderful compromise, don't you agree! :)

This trip was at Uwharrie National Forrest, between Asheboro and Troy. We rented a quaint and cozy little cabin nestled in the woods! Much to my surprise, I LOVED it! It was extremely clean and very accommodating!

The leaves were turning and the colors were majestic and rich...absolutely beautiful!
"Isn't God's creation and handiwork AMAZING!!!"
The rockers on the sweet, little front porch....
...were the perfect spot for reading.
And might I add, this was a great book! My favorite Sparks' book so far!
Our "Rock Crawler" is ready to roll!
David was the first to be dressed and ready to hit the trails Friday morning!
Pretending...and waiting NOT so very patiently!
Finally, they're off to meet the group for some fun in the mud!
Say Good-bye, Coco! It's just you and I for awhile, kiddo!

The next set of pictures were a few taken by Ashley. My "girly-girl" who lives for Rock Crawlin'!
Our group, "getting dirty!"

The "leader," Doug and his family...

And this is what excites them so! :)
The weekend didn't last nearly long enough. Before we knew it, it was time to load up and head for home!
Coco heading out!
We took the scenic route home, which is only about a two hour drive! What a treat it was!

Home again....
...and back to this! More preparations for the Home Tour! Wish me luck, ...and saneness! (Is that even a word? LOL!)

Happy Fall! ~Rhonda

Monday, October 12, 2009

{big max & friends}

Big Max....
& his friends,
are on display at our local county fair this week.
How cute they are,
decked out in "whimsical costumes!"
"Humpty Pumpky"
"Charlotte's Pumpkin~Accommodations"

"Miss Pump~abulous"

Yep, it's a pumpkin too!
Pink Pumpkins,
representing a very-worthy cause!
Not a pumpkin,