Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink "Labor Day" Saturday...

Welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly, from How Sweet the Sound.
Do you know what plant these beautiful blooms crown with their lush pink glory?

I brought this one in over the winter, and it was larger and prettier this year, than last!
It is one of the few plants that has flourished during our hot, humid Carolina summer!
The color is so deep, it appears fluorescent!

The Oleander behind it has done very well also, ...blooming the entire summer!

Bougainvillea make great cut flowers also. They will last for over a week!

Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend!

We are headed to the Lake! :) ~Rhonda

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Relinquishing my Control....

Thank you for the kind, well wishes for Ashley's Birthday!
She reads my blog, so she will see and appreciate them! :) And I have a correction, Ashley weighed 9 lbs. TEN ozs. at birth, not 15 ozs.
I guess I had 15 on my mind, .....opps!

Ashley at her Third Birthday party...

Several month ago, I participated in the "Mantle Party" at Kara & Kijsa's blog, and this is what I posted...

Now I thought the "lack of a mantle" was kind of neat and different. ("outside of the box," if you will.) The previous owners of our home preferred a more modern look. They flew a designer down from New York, to oversee the building of the house and to decorate it in a black and white minimalist motif. If you like that look, good...but that just wasn't us. Although it appeared very cold and clinical on the INSIDE, I fell in love with the house and had such visions for it. I could see so much potential. We brought my MIL to see the house, and she is a great, creative decorator. I just knew she would share my vision, but as we were pulling away from the house, she was in the back seat praying that we wouldn't get this house, but another one....and I was praying even louder that we would! God was on my side that time! LOL!

The mantle issue has always REALLY bothered Kevin. And the fact that our house has very little moulding and trims. So, after being pleased with the job that the carpenters did on the lake house, we decided to have them do a little work on this house. The first project they did was add a mantle! And I have to say it looks amazing! Next they will be adding a coffered ceiling in the kitchen and then mouldings throughout the house.

Oh, but look at the mess! It is REALLY hard living in a house that is being worked on! ...even a small job! And it has rained every day since they began...creating additional mess! I am ashamed to admit just how resistant to change that I am. I'm embarrassed that although I am so glad that we are finally able to have this done and even somewhat ecstatic... I am also on the other hand, a basket case! I have relinquished MY control of my little nest. I know I shouldn't complain...really I do! But the sound of sanding, and imagining the dust floating everywhere grates on me like nails of a chalkboard! And just having strangers within your "comfort zone" 8 hours a day.......Oh me!

Is it just me, does anyone else ever feel this way???
I retain my sanity by assuring myself it will absolutely fabulous when they are through! LOL!

Below is a mock of the moulding that will go around all the doors, the ceiling and floor... I really should not complain should I? It is going to be such an improvement! I will keep you posted on the updates, if they don't take me away in a white jacket first......

On another note....
I picked up this magazine while at Lowe's this morning, and found the cutest idea I thought I would share....

Pretty neat idea, huh?

If you haven't picked up your SUNSHINE Award from the post below, I hope you will!

Please forgive me if I am not faithful in my rounds with visits over the next few weeks. ...since I have "company and all!" ...LOL! I'll do the best I can! ~Rhonda :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very Special Birthday Wishes & Awards...

Fifteen years ago today, I had my first child, a baby girl, born at 1:01 a.m., weighing 9#, 15 ozs.

That sweet baby girl was Ashley!

When I held her for the very first time, I thought she was THE most beautiful baby, and she radiated warmth. With each passing year, she gets even more beautiful, and her warm, kind disposition continues to flourish.

Ashley, Your dad and I are so very proud of you! You have been a blessing to us for 15 years. You are not afraid to stand up for what is right and what you believe. You can "fit in," but you don't always have too!

The caption Ashley had under her picture below said, "The key to individuality is to get rid of that 'I'm afraid of looking stupid,' line of thought." That certainly befits you.

Be proud of who you are, and the individual as God designed! May He continue to Bless You!

You are still that "sweet little girl in Atkinson, lol!" ...and we hope you have a very happy, "happy day!" :)

~I love you, Mom

I wanted to include pictures of Ashley as a baby! But, my computer is not cooperating, so I "borrowed" some of hers, she had already downloaded.

"Surprise!" LOL! I can do that, I'm the Mom! :)


It feels like my birthday or Christmas, with all of these fabulous awards from the last few weeks. I am very honored and humbled with each award I receive, and they mean so very much to me. But not as much as the blogger that presented them to me! I thank you all most for your friendship!" Stick with me 'til the end of this post, because I have a very special gift for all of you! :) These are in no particular order....

Arte y Pico Award ~ Thank You! ...Nancy, at Southern Lady

Kreative Blogger Award ~ Thank You! Charli and Me; & Dawn, at Dawn's Day Break

You Make Me Smile Award ~ Thank you! Dawn, at Dawn's Day Break

BFF Forever Award ~ Thank you! Dawn, at Dawn's Day Break

Sharing the Love Award ~ Thank you! Dawn, at Dawn's Day Break

Love your Blog Award ~ Thank you! Angie, at Sandals and Daisies; Tootsie, at Tootsie Time; & Charli and Me

Arvore da Felicidade, Award of Happiness/Tree of Happiness ~ Thank you! Sherri, at edie marie's attic; Charli and Me; & Dot, at Picket's Place

The Smile Award ~ Thank you! Terrie, at Terrie's lil piece of Serenity; & Cindy, at Just another day in paradise

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award ~ Thank you! Charli and Me; Dot, at Picket's Place; & Dawn, at Dawn's Daybreak


Now for my gift to You!

For two of the awards, the instructions were to list things that make you happy. If you read my blog, then that is pretty evident, so I won't repeat myself. But I will say that each of you bring joy into my life! You share in my life and invite me into yours. With each of your posts and comments, you make me smile, and sometimes cry "good tears." You lift my spirits and inspire me! ....You ALL are Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!

If you read my blog, please accept this Award. If comes from my heart! There are no rules attached, and you are welcome to pass it on to whomever brings sunshine into your life! :)

~Hugs to you all, Rhonda

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthdays, Boiled Peanuts, and Blogger Central...

I have Two Guys to wish a Happy Birthday to in August!

My Brother's Birthday was the 21st. I don't have a picture of him to share, but would like to send him a belated wish just the same!
Happy Birthday, Ron!

My step~FIL's birthday is today!
See him grinning below, ...he is always this jolly!
Happy Birthday, Terry!

Boiled Peanuts...

I was surprised at the response and questions I got about the Boiled Peanuts. Some of you asked what they tasted like. Well, it is really hard to say. I can't think of what they would compare to. But I have found, that you either love or hate them! LOL!

My brother had a suite mate in college that was from up north. We introduced him to the fine Southern Cuisine of Boiled Peanuts, and he loved them! ...Couldn't get enough of them! However, my SIL, Tiffany, is from Ohio, and still hasn't acquired a taste for them! This is actually the only kind of peanuts I like.

Boiled peanuts come from raw or "green" peanuts fresh out of the ground, before they start to dry. You boil them in very salty water for about 1 1/2 hours.

They are of course seasonal, and this time of year, it's not uncommon to find a gathering of folks around a huge metal pot, making a meal out of them! Now that is good eating! :)

Blogger Central...

Yesterday, Brenda, from the Brenda Blog, hosted an event to share where your blogs are created. I am a day late, so I missed out. But I decided to post my blogging spaces anyway! :)

So here we are in my husband's home office. I have taken over his desk, and this is where I "create" my posts. I download the pictures and graphics to this computer.

Just a few shots of the office...

Kevin's precision tractor and truck collection.

Vintage tractor catalogs are stashed all over this room. The old receipt beside the book is kept under the desk glass. It was found in the farm house when we were tearing out a wall, and first began the renovations. It is dated 1954, and a receipt for $25.00 that Kevin's grandaddy paid on his account at the local general store.

My african violet is just full of delicate flowers!

The office is considered part of the "Master Suite," and the spiral stairs ascend to the Master bedroom. I painted the railings after Christmas last year, and they were suppose to be a bronze color, but they ended up an army green. After a slightly difficult project, I am learning to live with the color! LOL!

When I am just browsing and leaving comments on everyone's blogs, this is where I am. In one of the comfy recliner's with the laptop.

Hope you have enjoyed your tour of my blogging spaces. I have a few awards to post, but I will save them for tomorrow....since this post is getting a little long! :)

Hope your week is off to a great start! ~Rhonda

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mad Dash for the Stash...

I'm sure by now, you all are getting tired of stories about my kids! But they are some funny young'uns, and I never know what new adventure lies ahead with them. Of course, I'm biased, ....Please humor me as I share yet another tale. LOL!

Yesterday, David and Josh went to help Uncle Larry and Aunt Janet move some furniture out of a storage unit. As they were pulling up, a "National Potato Chip" truck was driving away from the dumpster inside the storage facility. I bet you know where this story is heading...LOL!

Yep, they went dumpster diving for chips! The potato chip company evidently rents a storage unit there too, and was discarding their old inventory. Which actually some were not out of date yet, and those that were, were just a few days old. Check out their stash they rescued from the dumpster below. Kevin and I were in town, and they were so excited, they took a picture of their loot on Josh's cell phone and sent it us. David climbed inside the dumpster and had to walk over, "tons and tons of cardboard!" Oh, the sacrifices we make for a good deal! LOL!

They brought all the chips back to my house and divied them up. Uncle Larry took the "hot" flavored chips, and this is what was left. Last night, David said that he was keeping one big bag of Doritos, and setting up a stand outside to sell the rest. But by morning, he had decided that "He loves his life right now!" ...and is eating chips as hard as he can before they expire!

David even got a huge bag of Funyuns onion rings just for me!

Now how's this for Dumpster Diving...

They probably didn't read the posted sign either! :)

(Pictures other than mine were borrowed from Google Images)

I went yard saling and to the flea market this morning... which was a real "dive" today! LOL!

I did get the two medium size urns for $5. The lady was asking $10 for the set. I was tickled for that one good find. I hit the farmer's market after, and bought peanuts to boil, fresh okra, and pears to make a sauce with!

I'm off to start cooking! Boiled Peanuts are calling my first for this year!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! ~Rhonda :)