Friday, May 30, 2008

Show & Tell Friday ~ Roses...

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name
would smell as sweet." ~William Shakespeare

It's Friday once again, time for Show & Tell, hosted by Kelli, at No Place Like Home. This week, we were encouraged to show something from our bedrooms. I have over the past few months shown things that were special to me, but the pictures below are two of my most beloved possessions, and they hang in my bedroom...

Kevin and his Dad were very close, they were inseparable. They shared common interest and were just good pals. Now, occasionally they would argue, and it could get really ugly, but when it was over was over and the relationship picked right back up. I've never seen anything quite like it in my life! His parents divorced early in his life, and he lived with his Dad for many years. ....then in Kevin's early twenties, along came ME!

Kevin and I went to high school together, but never dated. I went on to college and our paths didn't cross until we met again one summer, through mutual friends. We connected instantly! To say he was my soul mate, sounds like a cliche', but it was so true! We spent all the time we possibly could together, and the following December, we were married in a beautiful Christmas wedding!

And then it was the THREE of us...Kevin, Bill, and I. LOL! And I do laugh as I write that, because it was quite amusing at times! I never tried to cut in on Kevin and Bill's relationship and he never seemed to be jealous of me. Over the years, Bill and I developed a wonderful relationship, and he was good to me and my children! Two years ago, he passed away, and a part of me still waits for that phone call, I was certain would come everyday around 12 noon, to check in and see how my day was going!

So, with the introduction complete, I will tell you about my pictures. There was a restaurant in the historic district of downtown Wilmington, called The Taste of Country. Kevin and I had been married almost a year, when one day we went there to eat. Hanging on the walls were the most beautiful oil paintings, displayed by a local artist. They were all for sell. I fell in love with two particular pictures of roses. They were large, 24" x 36", and I can't recall how much they cost, but at the time, it seemed like a lot of money. Enough that I could only dream about owning these beauties. There was just something about the way the pink dreamy flowers were sprawled in the middle of the canvas, so delicately, that just spoke to me! My beloved grandmother was famous, all over the county, for her roses, so roses always held a special place in my heart.

One month later, on Christmas Day, I received two large presents, one from Kevin and one from Bill. And I'm sure you have guessed, they were the rose paintings. I found out later, that it was my father-in-law's idea to give them to me for Christmas. The represent to me, the importance of family and two very special men in my life! ... I love the two oil paintings, just as much, if not more, as I did when I first saw them on the wall of that restaurant.

"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart." ~Anonymous

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
If I don't get around to you in the next few days, forgive me! I'll be busy getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and cleaning out the lake house! Fun, Fun! "smiles"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday Share ~ Old Books...

This past Saturday morning was rainy and cool, so needless to say most of the yard sales were canceled. However, I did swing by the flea market and one new guy was selling items from a vintage costume/antique store, that his wife had closed down years ago. I found some really neat, unique things, that I will share over the next two weeks during Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Today will be the books that I purchased....

I LOVE old books! Especially those that contain articles, pictures, and ads. Lidian, at Kitchen Retro blog, showcases vintage ads, and most are quite amusing...including her witty commentary! Check her out, if you enjoy this type of thing too!

Back to the Flea Market >>> One lady, who I know is a self-appointed antique expert with a sweet, kind personality...NOT!...tried to slip her hand to my book pile, as I was fishing them out of a bin! snatcher! Of course, I knew then the books were probably more valuable than the $15 I paid for them all. But I did love them, so her confirmation wouldn't have mattered all that much!

I found two Bibles, one dated 1888, and the other did not have a copyright page. The book in the middle, below, was a German Evangelical Lutheran book, which my MIL thought might be a prayer book (?), and was dated 1892.

The Bible with no date, contained old photographs and obituary notices.

The fourth book I found, was a Harper's Magazine, June to November 1855! It is in great shape, considering it's age!

The magazine/book contained many articles and advertisements. It also featured a comic strip each month, called "Mr. Slim's," but they didn't make a lot of sense. "I guess you had to be THERE, huh...during that time!" LOL!

Below, is one of the ads for The Fashions of June, with an illustration of fashionable head dresses.

The November section contained house plans, which I have not seen in old books or magazines before.

This is the Simple Suburban Cottage, for the city. The estimated cost to build was $1500.

The following Log Cabin, was "a plan for a simple house for a well-to-do settler and his family." The reason I suppose it was for the more endowed, it was not just one big room, but also had a loft upstairs.

This SMALL Suburban House, which I didn't consider it small, was a three story home built of brick and cost $3500, to build.

Now moving on to the country houses (estates)...the IRREGULAR Country House. Not sure why it is deemed irregular, but it was also to be built of brick, for $16,000.

This beautiful home, featuring a winding staircase, was called a Pictureque Country House. It was intended for a physician, and was erected of brick and brown stone. Note the office and seperate entrance.

This grand house, the Picturesque Mansion, featured a fountain in the center corridor, that was built long to serve as a picture gallery. The magazine stated, "...residence is larger than required in a country like this." The price to build this home was $70,000....and keep in mind, this is 1855!

The following pictures are just examples of how I use old books in my decor...

~Rhonda ;)

(Take Note of the beautiful pear arrangement I bought from the Nester... I just love it!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Organized Closet, Etc...

A few weeks ago, several bloggers posted pictures on their sites, of the inside of their refrigerators. I hadn't intended on posting mine, because first of all, I felt I needed to "tidy it up a bit" before posting. Although, we were instructed in the challenge, to photograph it as it was at that very moment! Then I came across this picture Ashley had taken awhile back. Ashley and her friends are never without their cameras, and take some cute, but interesting and crazy pictures...this being one of them.

So, I didn't want to share the inside of my refrigerator, for the sake of being disgraced by the clutter and disorganization, but as Heather, from Hopscotch and Hydrangeas, would say...I have a dirty little secret behind this closed door.....

And brace yourself...Here it is...

My craft closet! It has been organized several times, but doesn't seem to stay that way!
I decided to once again... tackle this monster of disaster...

Pam, at Pam's Blog ~ Midnight Musings, wrote this in her post today...."perfectionists are great procrastinators....We don't want to attempt any projects until we are sure we have time to do them correctly and completely. Therefore, many things go undone, (i.e.: my craft closet), which can make us appear AND FEEL very unorganized." (Check out the rest of the post at her blog....)

Hey, this works for me...I can adopt this idea that I am really an organized perfectionists, but I procrastinate doing it, because I prefer it to be perfect! I know that by now, if Kevin and Ashley are reading this...and they will...are laughing hysterically!

I found the plaque below on Ebay ... And if you are an organized person, I have the upmost respect for you. Please don't be offended by the quote, I don't really think you are lazy! I love organization....NO!, that isn't THUNDER you's MORE laughter from the peanut gallery, called my family... I just have a real hard time maintaining that organization! This plaque makes ME feel better and less inadequate, in those skills I don't possess!

I pulled everything out of the closet! I found things I didn't even know I had...or why I had them...

I found enough ribbon and colored tissue paper, to wrap gifts for a long time to come!

And glitter, I can't even remember why I have this much glitter, or what project it was intended for...

And Decoupage Finish, another one of those WHY??? items!

But after two days, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...and below is the big reveal.

Drum roll......TAADAAA!!!!

The very organized and very clean closet! "smiles"

Now on to the "ETC".... AWARDS!

I am always so humbled when a fellow blogger honors me with an award. I feel so undeserving, but am very flattered and grateful! A couple of weeks ago, Dot, from Picket's Place, awarded me the "Arte Y Pico" Blogger Award. Every morning when I log into my computer, I check my comments and then go straight to Dot's blog, to see what she has written for the day. Dot is an early riser, so I can count on a post first thing in the morning. Dot is such a wonderful and gifted writer! Some mornings, she will make you cry, and others you will literally find yourself laughing out loud uncontrollably! And she is genuinely a fine Christian lady, with a great sense of humor and heart! To be honored my Dot, is an honor indeed!

A new blogger friend, Rhonda, from RhondaMum, awarded me the "Kind Blogger" and "Excellent Blogger" Awards. First of all, we have the same name, so we felt a kinship from the very beginning! However, we have found we share many more common features as we comment back and forth! She is a super sweet person, and has a BEAUTIFUL blog! ...which made me all the more grateful to be recognized by her! I look forward to getting to know her even better! These two ladies are the best of the best...and I consider it a blessing to call them both...friend!

Tired of reading yet...I apologize for the long post. Just one more quick thing in closing...
I had to run to Family Dollar, for cleaning supplies this morning, and found this darling little rug for $10.00! I love animal prints, and I thought this faux cowhide was really cute...and the price is right! :)
~Goodnight everyone, Rhonda

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Window Treatments Complete & Mom's Bragging Rights...

The monogrammed window treatments for the foyer doors are finally complete!
This has been a long process for just two little valances.
The fabric selection took a month, in which Ashley's swatch was chosen.
(She doesn't let me forget that either! "smiles")
Then onto the monogram shop, where the fabric stayed for three weeks.
(The lady was really behind!)
And at the end of yet another week, the panels are sewn and hung.
Project complete!

Bailey our household greeter, takes his post outside, by the front door....


Ashley and David finished school last Monday, but the week was filled with other year end activities...banquets and the annual school art show. Now, school is officially over for the summer and I have a rising sophomore and fourth grader! Where does the time go??? Josh, bless his heart, has nine days left...and then he will be a senior!

I've discussed the "pride thing," although from another perspective, in an earlier post. But do we not as Mothers, have certain liberties when it comes to pride in our children...and are we not allowed certain bragging rights??? I think so... and so I am expressing mine! LOL!

Ashley was awarded the Citizenship Award for the Freshmen Class!
I was very proud of her, to know that she treats others kindly and demonstrates respect for her fellow classmates and teachers!
Great Job, Sweetie! ;)

David was honored with the Music Award for the Third Grade!

I'm very proud of his accomplishment, too!

Just wanted to include a few shots from David's annual art show at school. His art/music teacher is one creative and gifted lady.

This proud mom has a house to clean, so with that I say,
Hope you all have a beautiful day! ~Rhonda

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Celebrations...

Saturday, we headed over to my paternal uncle's for a family reunion, where we enjoyed a pig-pickin' & swimming in the pool. I didn't take many pictures, because the food was delicious, and I spent most of my time eating and visiting...but mostly eating! "smiles"
My uncle is a retired Lt. Colonel, from the Air Force, and served his time as a pilot!
His yard is beautiful! I did get the picture above, and of the daylilies below, which are just beginning to bloom!

After church on Sunday, we met friends, Jeanna and Ricky, and their family, at our farm. We shared buckets of chicken from the colonel's, while the children rode the four-wheeler and dune buggies.
The farm has been in my husband's family for over 100 years.

The Farmhouse...
A little over two years ago, we began restoring the old farm house. It has been a very slow process, working on it a little as we go. God willing, this is where Kevin and I will one day retire, after the last child graduates from high school!
Looks like a Hee Haw Reunion on the front porch, huh?

Mr. Ricky's Driver's Ed....

Remember Grape Ape??? Wonder if he ever rode a motorcycle...

David was so excited that he found a mud hole... But that's okay, he was going home with Ms. Jeanna! LOL!

The chase is on....

Jeanna and her daughter, Haley

The girls did pretty good, after they learned to switch gears... I do hope neither are looking for a straight drive when they turn 16!

Josh gives the boys a tow after they ran out of gas!

Holding on for dear life, amidst the dust storm!

The picture below was taken last March ('07), after we tore the original siding off of the house, and added a wrap around porch and sun room to the back.

We gutted the inside of the house...still have a long way to go!

The outing is over and we are on our way home!

Josh lets Coco listen to some tunes!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! ~Rhonda