Thursday, January 29, 2009

{Blue Transferware}

Those of you looking for my Blue Transferware Post,
I apologize for the delay.
I had a meeting this morning, that I had almost forgotten.

KD, at Southern Whimsy is hosting her 1st Themed Thursday Event,
and the theme this week is Blue Transferware.
So without further adieu,
come take a look at my collection....
When my grandmother was living, she kept a set of Blue Transferware dishes on the top shelf of one of her kitchen cabinets. I'm sure she probably found the set at a yard sale, being the avid thrifter that she was....I got it honest! {smiles!} But, she consider this set very special and never used it. I admired it for years. Imagine my delight, when my mother gave it to me after my grandmother passed away, almost three years ago. {Lochs of Scotland ~ Royal Warwick ~ England}

The set has many pieces, including 2 medium size serving bowls and small berry bowls.

For now, the pieces rest in my china cabinet.

The plate below, was one loner that my grandmother had with the set. Thanks to blogging, my knowledge of china is growing, but still unfortunately limited. Does anyone know the history or info about it?
Closer view.... This is repetition for some, but the platter and two plates are used as decoration over the study doors.
Not sure if this is considered a piece of transferware, however it is a new piece for me, found a couple of days ago at a second-hand shop. {Buffalo China}

Next Thursday, I will be putting together a Tablescape using this set of china, for Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan, at Between Naps On the Porch.
~Rhonda :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This morning, as I was taking the children to school, we encountered a beautiful rainbow spread across the crystal blue sky. It wasn't a half rainbow jutting from the clouds, which is what I'm accustomed to seeing. But a full-scale rainbow, both arches brilliant rays reaching down from the clouds, disappearing beneath the earth's ground in the distance. An amazing sight to behold!

I thought of Noah, and how he must have felt when God instructed him to build an ark. Not a young, youthful man, but one exceeding the age of 500 years. I thought of the surprise of his fellow people, and the ridicule he must have endured and suffered, as he hammered each nail. Ridicule that didn't last for days or weeks, but for years as Noah consistently and faithfully continued to build. And I thought of myself and my walk with Christ. How many times do I cower and not take the stand as strongly as I should for God and my faith, in fear that I might offend someone, or come across as a fanatic? A name I'm sure Noah heard a time or two from his very own family and closest friends.
God made us many promises and being the visual people that we are, He even gave us the rainbow to solidify and reinforce one very important. How alone and isolated Noah must have felt, as he took a step and stand in faith. But Genesis 6:9, says, "...and he walked with God." One of my favorite and most cherished promises comes from Hebrews 13:5, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." What an assurance that God does indeed walk with us, and that he will never leave us, not even for an instance!
My heartfelt desire: To be a Noah!
~Rhonda :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

{Junk ~ Gotta' Love It}

My trips to the flea market and thrift stores have been very productive since Christmas. I suppose people were cleaning out and donating for year-end deductions. Their Trash, has certainly turned into my Treasures. Junk Shopping has spoiled me, though. I went to Ross and Hobby Lobby last week, and didn't buy a single household item. ...knew that something wonderful and exciting was sure to turn up in my Junkin' Journeys, and for a much cheaper price! I'm not by nature a patient person, but for the money, I can wait! {smiles}

My post yesterday featured my foyer table.....

The glass dish and tall bowl piece were both second-hand finds.
The glass dish was $2, found a few weeks ago, and the other piece came from an upscale resale shop found when we first moved in the house.

The brass piece below, also pictured in yesterday's post, was a Goodwill find, for $4.99.

An additional plate for the mantel vignette,
the coral colored plate is Indian Red, by Spode.
Moving Sale find for $2.00, and the lady said sadly, she had just purchased it.
I personally would have found a space in a box to transport this sweet dish! {smiles}
My grandmother B. loved pineapple decor. She once told me it was the symbol of "Welcome & Hospitality." When I find a piece, it fondly reminds me of her, as did this brass one below.
Some of the things I find, I have no idea what their original use was, which for me is part of the thrill of repurposing junk....reinventing an item, and thinking outside of the box.
The original Stein Mart price tag was still on it, $16.00, but cost only a couple of dollars at a thrift store. {please, excuse the cell phone cords behind the lamp}

The silver tray on the buffet below, was found at a local resale shop semi-hidden on the bottom shelf. I figured it was probably expensive and started not to bother with it. Imagine my delight and surprise when I looked at the price tag....ONE DOLLAR!!! It was so big, (30"x 18"),and heavy, that I couldn't carry it around and had to leave it at the front desk until I was through browsing. I was so afraid someone else would pick it up, but the sales lady assured me she wouldn't let it out of her sight! {LOL} It is far from perfect. The plating is very tarnished in several spots, and did not clean up with polish. But resting on the sideboard, it can hardly be seen.
"That's just character, I say!"
I'm leaving my dining room tree up for awhile. It gives the room warmth in the bland winter. A few more recent thrifty pieces that haven't yet found a place in my home....
~Cheese Slicer, $2.00 {needs cleaning}, flea market find
~Retangle glass dish, 77 cents, from the Salvation Army Thrift Store
~white footed dish, $2 or $3, local thrift store
Preview for next week's post,
~Bringing Spring Indoors Early~
with second-hand Treasures.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

{Blue Metamorphosis}

During the Christmas Holidays,
I introduced blue to my decor by placing blue transferware plates, over the study doors.
{Plates were passed down from my grandmother's collection.}
I really liked the look, and it "felt" right,
but it was the lone blue in my home.

Below is a cozy little area in the "music nook,"
before Christmas.

Represents the colors of my home: beige/brown, green, and a little red here and there.
Not a great picture, but the antique table was covered with a buffalo check topper.

During Christmas, the table was moved upstairs to the landing, the clock moved to the foyer, and the chair slid over, to make room for the tree.

Fast-forward to January, the Christmas decor was taken down leaving everything BLAND and depressing!

Solution, transform the space and give a new injection of life with more BLUE!

I had this piece of fabric, which I was saving for bathroom drapes for the farmhouse.
The picture doesn't do it justice, it is much deeper and richer color than it appears here.
The combination of blue, with my dominant color of green, worked well in my home.
Besides, I figured if combinations of blue and green made Martha famous, it was good enough for me! {smiles!} I found the table at a yard sale last summer. Just one of those press board tables with the glass top, for $4.00. I cut and hemmed the blue floral fabric, to top a beige cloth.

The space has been transformed into a much brighter and "happier" corner!

I added a few more splashes of blue....

Tiffany blue plate to the foyer table.

And new PB pillows to the sofa, with touches blue....

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

{Fun While It Lasted}

Tuesday's winter storm, brought the second snow
the children have seen in our part of the state.
The first lasted only a few short hours,
just enough to make a 12" snowman on the hood of their daddy's old el camino, in 2002.
David below, is suited up and ready to have a little fun!
Snow angels....
All smiles.
"You know, this stuff is really cold!"

Ashley woke around noon, {....teenager}.
I passed on the camera,
....and the first thing they did, reenact The Christmas Story!
Working on a Snowman.
"Oh, forget that, ....snowball fight! WHAM!"
Late afternoon, and just enough snow left for Ash's angel in the snow.
Short lived, payback from David!
He then tackled her...
"So it was on like donkey-kong,"
...and she tackled him!
"Dude, look at the Popsicles!"
{Bless your heart, sweetie, Those are icicles!}

My favorite part of snow....Homemade SNOWCREAM!"Shout joyfully to God...How awesome are your works."
Psalm 66: 1,3