Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on David...

Well, we went to see the orthopedic, and it was not the news I was expecting or wanted to hear. I thought we would go today, the doctor would set the bone, and then we'd return when the swelling subsided for a cast. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The break is on an angle, and the doctor seems to think that the bone beside it is fractured also. He took a look at the X-rays, and said he would have to treat it in the hospital. Me being the naive one that I am, didn't register what he was saying, until they got to the "put him to sleep," part. My heart fell! Tomorrow, we are scheduled for pre-op at the office and hospital, and then Wednesday, David will be having surgery, to set and put a pin in his arm. (Wednesday is also my husband's B'day.) His hospital stay will be determined after the surgery. Okay, maybe I am a drama queen, maybe I am way over protective, but my baby is nine, and the thought of David being put to sleep and operated on is extremely difficult. And of course, I am holding it all together in front of David, because he is nervous, and I don't want to add to his anxiety! He is such a strong little trooper. But inside, I feel as though I am crumbling and about to smother. It's a mama thing, I suppose!

I know everything will be okay, and we could be facing so much worse. I believe that God will see us through this, just as he always does! He is faithful, and the ultimate physician! I am afraid for my little one, but in the midst of "this storm" we are in, I cling to this truth found in Mark 6:51, "Immediately He spoke to them and said, 'Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid.' Then He climbed in the boat with them, an the wind died down. They were completely amazed." I know that God is "in the boat with us," and that David will be healed, this is just a little bump in the road.

I do ask that you keep David in your prayers! And I hope that you all have a safe and happy 4th! Under the circumstances,we will be postponing our festivities until the next weekend!

God Bless...... ~Rhonda

Lakehouse Project Temporarily Postponed...

Yesterday after church, and our Sunday afternoon nap, Kevin and I decided we would run to the lake house for a few hours to work on some little odd jobs. The last thing we said to the kids was, "Stay INSIDE and lock the doors!" Sure thing, they assured us!

Kevin was in the middle of hanging blinds, and I was touching up the paint around the windows, when the phone rang. Okay, this can't be good, because no one but Ashley and David knows we are here. It was Josh on his cell, and he said that David had fallen off his bike, and possibly broken his arm. So I immediately called Ashley, and this was the conversation...

Me) Ashley, Josh called and said David was hurt, what's wrong?

Ash) Well David, know my little brother David, well, he went outside and was riding his bike, know the silver one, and he....

Me) Ashley, IS HE OKAY???

Ash) NO! Come quick....((Click!))

Luckily, the lake house is only 15-20 minutes away! I had by the time they called me put on my "painting clothes," which display the many samples of colors I have painted over the last 5 years. So I was redressing, as Kevin drove!

Sure enough, David's arm was "deformed", and so it was off to the hospital we went. He was trembling and pale, but didn't shed a tear. Ashley on the other hand was all to pieces! Bless her heart!

We were fortunate to be taken right in at the hospital and things moved very quickly! The x-rays revealed that he had broken his left arm, right above the wrist. He was one tough little guy, the staff couldn't get over his tolerance for the pain, considering the break. The radiologist told him, that she had had adults, with lots less of a break, scream and cry...and I said, that would be Me! At one point, I asked David if he would like me to take a picture, 'cause I always have my camera handy. And he said No, he didn't want to remember this day. At which my husband jokingly replied, "It would end up on your mama's blog." Not that he thinks I am that insensitive, but that I love blogging, alot! He just knows that our family is going to end up as a some sitcom, over my blog. But I assured him that there are far more bizarre and exciting people on here, than us! :)

Today, we are scheduled to see an orthopedist, and then in couple of days, after the swelling recedes, the arm will be casted.

I have been so stressed out the last few weeks, with the renovations at the lake house. And you know how remodeling can snowball! As soon as one project is complete, you see two more that need attending to! Before the crisis last night, I thought we might possibly make the deadline of Friday, for our 4th Cookout! But now we won't! And it really doesn't matter! The house will not be perfect! Doors will need another coat of paint, some pictures may not be hung, and the dust may not be all gone. But my guests will understand and we will enjoy ourselves all the same. And David will be okay! And as his mom, that's all that really matters! "smiles"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pink Saturday #2...

Another Summer week has flown quickly by, and it is once again time for
Pink Saturday!
...hosted by Beverly, from How Sweet the Sound

Don't you just love old vintage radios? Check out this PINK Westinghouse one!
It was the beginning piece of my vintage radio collection, that never quite materialized! ;)

In case you are wondering what the "night stand" the radio rests on actually is an old, antique safe.
It still has the original owner's name stenciled on it!
Now, there is an idea for Vintage Thingies Thursday, more pictures and the neat story behind the safe, to share! ...Stay tuned for that one! LOL!

Yesterday, the kids and I, went shopping for a few things to complete our lake house remodeling! Our first destination was Homegoods! favorite store!

I snapped a few PINK pictures to share with you....

PINK elegant Waterford plates....

How cute is this??? For the life of me, I couldn't figure how to incorporate this precious PINK cake plate in my decor! It sure was hard to walk away and leave it behind!

Cute PINK Kitty Plates...

These aren't PINK, but this was the first display as you walked into Homegoods!

And what a WOW! impact the black & white pieces have! A little PINK would be quite striking thrown in the mix, wouldn't it???

Forgive me for really straying off the PINK path now, but the pictures below concluded our trip. My kids all-time favorite movie is NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM! They have watched it a gazillion times!

David was so excited when he found this statue, that resembled dum-dum from the movie.

And then I heard this a gazillion, and two times....

"dum-dum wants gum-gum"

"dum-dum, you better run-run"

So, that is what I am about to do...RUN off and hopefully finish painting, and put out my goodies from yesterday's shopping adventure!

Wishing all of you a Happy PINK Saturday! ~Rhonda

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dream Vacation ~ Scotland

Pack your bags, and join me if you will for a dream vacation, that takes me back home. Home to where I've never been, but my ancestors originated! Home to castles, mystery, and tradition of thousands of years. Home, rich in history, yet mixed with a cosmopolitan and culture....cutting-edge art and restaurants. Home, with lush greenery, jagged mountains, and picturesque ancient seascapes.

My Dream Vacation Destination...


I would love to spend weeks, maybe months, exploring all the castles that dot Scotland.

Many dating back to the 1700 ~ 1800's. And ruins of some that were constructed in the 1400's! Some castles are located on small estates, others situated on thousands of acres of gardens, and yet, others sit above the cliffs of the beautiful sea.

After much research, one in particular I would like to stay at is the fairytale Baronial Castle, Glengorm. It is on the northern tip of the beautiful Isle of Mull, with breathtaking views of the sea and islands. A magical 4 star B&B, on a 5,000 acre estate.

One destination city, would be Edinburgh. Robert Louis Stevenson said, " Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be."

Have any idea what the building below is????

A Department Store....Jenners Department Store, to be exact!

It is Edinburgh's oldest department store, built in 1838, and features 100 different departments.

Another wonderful place to visit would be The Royal Botanic Garden!

Constructed in 1670, on 72 acres, it is one of the oldest, finest gardens in the World, spotlighting unusual and beautiful plants!

One would just have to take a few days off from touring the historic aspects of Scotland, to do a little shopping...Destination: Glasgow!

Glasgow is a Shopper's Paradise, second only to London, in the UK!

While there, we could pick up a set of bagpipes....

Or browse the many Antique Shops!....

We may even play a round of Golf, since Scotland is home to the game!

I hope that one day, I am able to travel to Scotland and make this dream trip a reality!

Oh, how I could be a Queen, if only in my dreams, in each of these beautiful castles! The romance of it all....

Wishing you all a magical, fun vacation!
Even if it is only a dream! "smiles"

Event Hosted by Mommy Holly & Foxgloves, Fabric, and Folly!

Go over and visit, if you'd like to link up for more exciting travel destinations!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with string,
These are a few of my favorite things."
~From the the Sound of Music

I've been tagged...
by the sweet and talented, Nancy at Southern Lady!
Go check out her beautifully decorated home, if you haven't already!

I am to list FIVE of my favorite things. Most of you all already know that two of them would certainly be my family and flowers, that I have posted several times before.
Throw in Diet Sundrop, and the top of my list is complete!

But I wanted to surprise you and come up with something different, so here we go....
1, 2, & 3) The first picture covers three of my favorite things....

My collection of Roosters in my Kitchen,
Large Platters, China or Crystal,
& My collection of Paula Deen Cookbooks

4) Monogrammed Items! I've gone completely mad over anything monogrammed! My children are looking for their underwear to be monogrammed! Ashley pointed out this morning during church, that her Dad's shirt was monogrammed! LOL! ...compliments of moi! Below are pictures of monogrammed items throughout the house...

Window Treatments in the Foyer

Monogrammed Initial Garden Flags. Why stop with one?

When two would be better!

Monogrammed Shower Curtain in David's Bathroom...

Monogrammed Shoes...
I also have a pair of monogrammed clogs, which Josh declares I wear, so that I can remember my name! :)

5) Animal Prints! I absolutely adore animal prints! Not a strong statement of them, but little touches and glimpses of them here and there!




Oh, and SHOES...this could count as NUMBER 6, of my favorites, and would be near the top of my list! But shoes in animal prints, even sweeter!

And a touch of animal print in unexpected places, a (faux) cowhide rug in the girly yellow toile room....

"When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad!"

If you would like to join in on the fun and list your FIVE favorite things, I encourage you to do so! Let me know, so I can be sure to check them out!
I'm off to watch Design Star....Hope all of you had a great weekend!
~Rhonda ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pink Saturday Post....

Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound, recently started a new Saturday posting event, called "Pink Saturday!"
I encourage you to go over and visit her, if you haven't already! She is such sweet person and has a wonderful blog depicting her beautiful home! Her blog also features many thought-provoking post on various subjects!

I'm excited to participate for the first time, by sharing a PINK boudoir/dresser set, given to me by my beloved maternal grandmother. This is where my junkin' bug originated! She was doing it years before it was "popular"....when it was a necessity, as well as fun! "smiles"

It is so delicate and the sweet little blue flowers are hand painted.

I'd also like to share a ceramic set, made and painted years ago by my mother-in-law, of the infamous PINK girl and blue boy!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Rhonda ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pardon Our Dust....

I mentioned last week that I had been painting, and some asked where? ...Here it is!
The Lake House
The house consists of two duplexes, the bottom was Bill's, my FIL's, and the top is ours.
About eight years ago, we had damage from a hurricane, that has never been completely repaired, and it was just time for a remodel, so we began with Bill's. Those of you who have been following my blog, know that he passed away 2 1/2 years ago. He lived here full-time.
We haven't been to the lake much, since he passed, but felt it was finally time to move on.
Ashley and I had cleaned and cleared out the entire duplex, except Bill's closet. I've kept the door to the closet shut, but everytime I would go by it would be open. Knowing it wasn't going to go away, and I was going to have to deal with it, I pepped myself up to tackle it yesterday afternoon. It was just as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe harder, because I thought after the time period, it would be a lot easier. And underfoot yesterday, were four young boys, two teenagers, and four burly men, as Picket would say. Where is a girl to go, to find a few moments to herself, for a much needed cry, with that audience like that around! LOL!

The entire duplex was originally builder's sprayed white, that soaks paint like a greedy little sponge!!! I am painting the living/kitchen area green...
The floors were damaged beyong repair in some areas, so they have been removed and replaced with tile.

The doors have been replaced, and moldings added thoughout the house.

The original white cabinets had to be replaced! Josh is showing off his biceps, for all of blogland! LOL! You can see the original door in the picture below...

Excuse the "less than cleanliness"...LOL! Bill was a bachelor...

The new cabinets...

The counter top will be in next Friday! And did I mention that we are trying desperately to finish this remodel by the 4th of July, for a huge cook-out! Talk about pressure! LOL!

The pier was also destroyed by the hurricane, too far gone for "repairs"...

Everyone is tuckered out! We are so tired some nights, we can't sleep! LOL!
But it will all be worth it, when it is complete! Our duplex upstairs will be a WINTER project! LOL!

I'll post more pictures as we progress! I'll be painting bedrooms today!
Remember when I wrote...I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up, in my tag responses???
Well, I've narrowed it down to NOT include being a painter! LOL!