Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sharing the "Valentine Love"

Thanks to Deb, at Garage Sale Gal,
I was able to create this super cute Valentine Vignette! I won her Valentine Vintage Giveaway!
....and I was thrilled!!!

Deb is such a sweet lady,
and I feel she is a kindred spirit, through our love for second-hand treasures!
Her comments always leave you with a smile, and encouraged!
If you don't know her, go over and meet her {HERE}.
Everything came in the sweet little box below.

....filled with precious vintage Valentines,
{David got a kick out of these!}

...a sweet little felt heart,
beautiful, dainty hankerchief embellished with a needlework heart,
and a vintage silver key,
...a vintage playing card,
that I tucked in a milkglass piece I found at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago.

...and a little pink and white hand-crocheted doily,
which reminded me of my Grandma M.

She made dresser scarves and doilies similar to this one.
There were many daughters and grandaughters in our family that wanted one of her beautiful creations, that I unfortunately didn't receive one passed down. But this one makes me think of her! :)
A couple of the Valentines were placed in stands...

The back Valentine is actually a vintage postcard.

And last, but not least,
Deb sent some chocolates, which didn't make it in the photos! :)
They were eaten before a picture could be snapped and were delicious!
And also,
she sent the flower magnet below.
Ashley placed it on the refrigerator, glamming it up, "and making it a girl!" {her words} LOL!

Thank you, Deb, for everything! :)
On another note,
Darlene, at Darlene's Days, created the cutest Valentine Mailboxes for Lexi and her dad.
Each day, Darlene fills them with some sort of Valentine treats!
I thought this was a really cute idea, and wanted to do some for David and Ashley.

I couldn't get out to find the cute mailboxes or containers.
But, I did have tons of empty pastry boxes.
Mine isn't nearly as cute as Darlene's, but it works. :)
I decorated the boxes in less than 30 minutes with letters and shapes cut with from my cricut machine. The treats look a little lost in the boxes, but the kids love the gesture!
A definite way to share a little "Valentine Love."
Ashley is on a ski trip with her church youth group in West Virginia. She wanted me to make sure her box was filled even though she wasn't here!
Please pray for their group of 80!
I was a nervous wreck yesterday, as they traveled through the terrible mid-atlantic snow storm. The van she was in, made it as far as Virginia, and spun out in the road, leaving them stranded for awhile. They are due back Sunday evening. Please pray that they will be able to come home and will have safe travels.
...And for a nervous Mama, she could use a prayer or two, also! ;)


southerninspiration said...

What a great giveaway....and what a bundle of emotions I can just imagine you are experiencing, Rhonda! Oh my....glad they were ok and I know you'll be glad to have her home again! Enjoy your weekend!


Amelia said...

Just sent a prayer for Ashley and the rest on the trip...I bet you have been one nervous Mother...can't say that I blame you.

Love your Valentine items...just spreading that LOVE around.


Hi Rhonda,
You make the little gifts look great!!! I love the mailboxes that you made..great idea!
Praying that all will be well for your daughter and group.
Deb :)

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Everything looks great in your pictures and I'm sure you've enjoyed it! the vintage Valentines are a treasured item, for sure!

Vee said...

First of all, I can well imagine how upsetting it would be to have teens off on a trip through that storm. Will pray traveling mercies on them for sure.

What a sweet box you received and just filled to the brim with Valentine treasures. Did you share the chocolate? ;>

joyce said...

What great Valentine ideas - love the boxes! Sending up prayers for your kiddos. Blessings.

Jeanette said...

Very creative valentines ideas! Sending good thoughts to your loved one and friends

Darlene said...

What great treasures you won and I LOVE how you have displayed them. Too CUTE. Oh it is always fun finding something in your box!!!! I'm sure yours will enjoy it as much as mine does. I got my little mailboxes at Target last year in the dollar section. I also saw some at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, but your boxes are adorable.

I will keep Ashley and the whole the ski group in my prayers for a safe return. The weather has just been crazy around the US this year!!! I know you won't be able to relax till she is back home where she belongs.♥

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE of gifts the boxes you did how special...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Tardevil said...

Oh, I know you must be nervous. I pray they can get home safely. Hopefully, they'll be better able to clear the roads. Love your new background. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO my taste! Congrats on winning a giveaway too! Have a good Super Bowl Sunday!

Debbie @ said...

Good morning Rhonda! Happy pre Valentine's day. Love your little decorations. We will certainly pray for Ashley on her trip. It is always stressful when your kids travel. We had our married son call us last night when he got back from a wedding because it was snowing so bad! So I don't think we ever grow out of our 'concern' for our kids!
Big smile.
We will be praying for you too!

onlymehere said...

By the time you read this I hope Ashley is home all safe and sound. I hope the church group trip was a success (even with the spin out). I love the box idea. I'm afraid I've gotten lazy about things like that. We've been down sick as can be since yesterday but I think Larry and I are mending. Kaje' is still pretty sick. I hope the sunshine we have this afternoon is making her warm. I can hardly wait for spring! Congrats on winning the give-away too! What a perfect prize for you and you've displayed it so nice.

Shelia said...

Sending up a prayer for a hedge of protection around your daughter and her group! I know how you feel - I've been there.
Now what a wonderful stash of sweet Valentines! What a precious vignette you've set up!
And those Valentine boxes - you're too good!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

SmilingSally said...

Congratulations on your LOVE win.

It's great how you took Darlene's cute idea and made it yours.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Great win, Rhonda! Love it!

And I just prayed for your daughter to have traveling mercies. Got you covered, girl!


Sheila :-)