Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{springtime sprucing & we have a winner}

Is there anything more exciting than digging around in the dirt,
in those early spring months,
when everything is so fresh and vibrant with color???
I've been spending my spare time sprucing up my container gardens
and cleaning outdoor spaces.

The fern below was beautiful, but the green plastic basket dampened it's slender.
I repotted it in a wire basket with mesh lining and it looks much better.
....and it will be healthier in it's "new home."
I noticed after I hung the fern on the shepherd's hook, that the wire stand holding the cactus was brown, and the frog was well...icky!What I thought was probably bird poop, was actually the finish flaking off.

So, I touched up the frog and painted the wire stand with black spraypaint.
...Much better, and the pieces around the tree are unified.
Notice the red shoot/blossom on the cactus. This particular cactus doesn't flower for the first time until it's third season. My uncle passed it on to me.

I feel like I am waiting for an egg to hatch, checking it so often, as to not miss it's bloom.
...still waiting! :)
The flower below, is a new one for me also, called Crimson Mandevilla Bush.
The color is a beautiful, vibrant red. The pictures do not do it justice!
The iron bench below was a birthday present years ago from my dad, who found it at an auction. I moved it from the lake, gave it a fresh coat of black paint.....
...and it now sits on my front porch.
I found the giraffe print outdoor pillows at Wal-mart, and the new "G" flag was a birthday gift from my mom.
The weather has been so nice this week. I have to resist the urge to plant too many flowers. I have a tendency to do that every spring, and then when the super hot, humid days of summer creep in, I am miserable trying to take care of them all.
Am I the only one guilty of this???
And now for the Winner of the Ronald William's Print, celebrating my
ONE Year Blog'aversary & 2ooth Post .....
.....Julie, from Orchard Street Cottage.
Congratulations Julie!!! :)


Amelia said...

Rhonda, looks like you are using that green thumb to spruce up the outside some. Looks great and the front is so inviting. We had sun for a couple of days - but has rained all day today...but we need it - so should not complain. Of course, the temperature is down...air conditioner one day and the next day the furnace...crazy!

Vee said...

Congrats to your winner!

Sometimes, I've been known to go overboard with the container gardening, which requires watering. I hate to drag the hose for miles with me and always wind up muddy and messy. But it's worth it, right?

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Congratulations to Julie!!

I bought two ferns at Lowes a couple of weeks ago...they really look good this year. I should get them out of the plastic pots. I have the wire baskets. I might let J do it...he is always looking for something to do to keep busy.

Your flowers are beautiful, Rhonda!

southerninspiration said...

Ooooh, all your work looks lovely! I especially love the little bench, and the mandevilla......I have a similar one coming back.


Darlene said...

I LOVE everything around your yard. All the iron and the frog look great spruced up with the black paint....BEAUTIFUL! Your plants all are gorgeous. I do mostly containers so I have to water constantly in the summer. I won a flag like your G on a blog I just need to get the holder. Do you know where your mom got it from?

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, you just described my summer habits perfectly -- get all excited, plant a lot of wonderful flowers, and then mid-summer start wondering why I did that! How neat that the cactus is going to bloom! I hope you get to snap a picture of that! Your entry looks so inviting with the pretty bench and pillows. laurie

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Rhonda,
All of your projects look've been really busy!

Love the bench on your front porch.

I'm going to have to catch up on your posts...I've been so busy lately that I've neglected my blogging friends!
:) Diane

Smilingsal said...

It's encouraging to see how easily things can be made to be fresh and new looking. I love your entrance.

Pearl said...

Hi Rhonda...
Your plants look wonderful... and your fern is just beautiful... I wish I had your green thumb! Loved the front of your home, too... just perfect for you! So glad that it was a lil chipped paint and not birdie "poop" on that sweet froggie! LOL

Hope all's going well with you...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Congrat's to the winner !!
I'm jealous of your pretty flowers...still waiting for SPRING here and way too early to plant anything. My tulips are almost ready to bloom:)
Love your froggy:) and sweet bench from your Dad.
Have a great weekend.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Those giraffe pillows are great & I loved your Strawberry Princess pageant story...who doesn't love a happy ending? ;o)

Thanks for the sympathies on the loss of my Gizzy. He was a wonderful little dog & will always be missed but Cutie Rudy is helping me to deal w/ it.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Nice job sprucing up! Congrats to the winner! Have a blessed weekend!

onlymehere said...

Congrats to the winner!! I hope all is going well over there. Life here is nuts right now and I'm afraid the summer is going to be even crazier!! At least it's a fun crazy time (for the most part). How is everyone? Does Josh still come by to visit. How are the kids. Summer's here and I was thinking of David and his daredevil ways. Hope you have a great mother's day!

Pearl said...

Hi Rhonda...
Just stopping by to check in 'n see how things are going with you... hope you're doing well and not working yourself to near death... Thank you so much for your visit and for the sweet Birthday wishes 'n prayers ♥ it really meant alot to me ~hugs~ Also, thanks for sending along the comics... LOL ...they were great!!
I hope 'n pray that you have the most wonderful and...
DAY !!!

Thinking of you, often...
~hugs 'n prayers~
Pearl... your Girlie~Bird

Dawn said...

I'm getting a bit of spring fever looking at your post. We had 80ยบ weather a week ago and then back to the 50's (and 40's at night). I need more than two days in a row of warm weather LOL!

I know just what you mean about that summer heat and plants. I'm right there with you.

take care,

~CC Catherine said...

Rhonda, I love that wrought iron loveseat sprayed black! Very nice., and I adore your double entry way doors. VERY NICE~ ;) Stop by my blog before Mother's Day at midnight, PDT, for my Mother's Day Blog Give Away~ There are a few ways you can get your name entered into the drawing. We also have the same wallpaper on our blogs! :) ISn't that cute? ;) ~CC Catherine

justabeachkat said...

Hi there!

I haven't been by in awhile since I took my blog break. I've had fun catching up with you. You've been usual. Is that a tennis court I see in the background of your photos? Love your bench. It really looks nice. I use Mandevillas alot 'em. You're not along...I do the same thing...I buy way too many plants and then regret all the time needed to keep them up. Everything sures looks good though.

Happy Mother's Day!