Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junkin' Just Got Better

Remember when I wrote that the last few months had been the pits, as far as junkin' goes?
Just nothing much out there?
Well, as of last Friday,
Junkin' just got a whole lot better!

I had to go to Murrells Inlet, for Kevin, and decided to bypass Myrtle Beach, and take the scenic route, ...back roads of SC.
Smart move!
The weather was beautiful, and the yard sales and outdoor flea markets started just a few miles outside of town. Thrift stores nestled in little strip malls from here to Murrells Inlet were open, and their merchandise bountiful. Since most were out of the way shops, the prices were great!
"Oh Happy Day!!!"

The first two pictures are of items I picked up to add to my milkglass collection. Each piece was a dollar or two. I've seen the back urn pictured, in etsy shops and on ebay for $30-$40 dollars.

The following items, I can't reveal what I paid for them, because I am very excited to announce,
I'm opening an Etsy Shop....Bello Market.
I've listed just a few items, and have lots more to add.

Take a look at my finds...
All will be listed within the next few days in my shop.

Love the details of the hobnail milkglass.

The larger pieces were found a thrift store and the little urn at a yard sale.

The white Corningware tea/coffee pot and pyrex cups were found at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. Don't get to those often, but there are two on the way to Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach.

The Indiana Green Compote came from a little thrift store and the cow creamer was found an outdoor flea market in Loris, SC.

The set of 8 cups and saucers were also found at the Salvation Army in Conway. Very unique, made in Spain, Block Bidasoa China.

Would be a great addition to a black and white tablescape.

The African wood animal napkin rings were found at a yard sale. The man said that his mother lived in Africa for 8 months in the 50's, and brought these back with her. They are hand carved and very unusual.

The brass tray underneath them, came from the flea market.

The glass dish below, will be a keeper for me, as well.
I have been looking for a crystal piece like this, to put flatware in when I entertain. {usually buffet style} It is the perfect size and was a dollar at a yard sale.

I will say, that if anyone is in the Myrtle Beach area, the Goodwill on 544 was top notch. It smelled wonderful and the staff was very friendly! The shop was well and abundantly stocked. Unfortunately, the manager at our GW in Wilmington is rude and difficult, even to her staff in front of customers. Her actions affect the feel of the entire store. Going to the store on 544 was refreshing and delightful!

That concludes the tour of my Friday outing and finds.
It's days like this one, that keep the Junkin' Fever Hot! :)
Halfway between Loris and Conway, they were filming an Extreme Makeover of a local home. I could have gone to the site as a spectator, but junk awaited!

I'll be taking a few days off from blogging to stock my shop and to take care of a few things around home. I'm still behind from responding to comments on my last two posts. But please know that your comments really mean a lot to me and I appreciate them! I'll be by to visit soon! ~ Rhonda :)


Jeanette said...

You got some real treasures! Love the elephants.

southerninspiration said...

That last rectangular piece looks like an new SLahOME piece, and they often mimic what's seen in antique shops! Love it! And how fun for you to have an Etsy Shop...I'll check it out. GREAT luck on all your finds!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wow, Rhonda, these are all great finds!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

What great treasures. I love them all. Congratulations on your Etsy shop too. I know you will do well. Hugs, Marty


CONGRAT'S on your etsy shop!!!
May you sell all of your treasures.
I love milkglass's cheap around here as no one wants to collect it...where is Martha Steward...she could make it collectable!!!
I think I would have had to stop at EHMO also and see the "team".
I admire them for helping so many people out.
Take care and have FUN!!
Deb :)

Vee said...

All good wishes to you as you open your Etsy shop. My, my, guess that good things come to those who wait...what a lot of nice things...the handcarved napkin rings are so unique.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow, you really hit the jackpot!

So cool you are opening a Etsy shop! Fun!


Nancy said...

Rhonda, You got some real treasures...and I'll remember that tip about GW on 544...we go to North Myrtle Beach often. Can't wait to check out your etsy shop! Nancy

onlymehere said...

Good for you opening an Etsy! Let us know when it's opened. I've thought about it with selling my rag dolls and teh purses I just made the girls but I don't think I could charge enough to make any money for the time it takes me to make these. I still roll the idea around in my head though and may do it one day. Good for you. Are you still working for Kevin too then? You've found some beautiful treasures and the milk glass always reminds me of my mom! Have a great day today.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
myletterstoemily said...

you found so many treasures! our son attended
furman in greenville, which is such a beautiful

thanks for sharing your great ideas with those of us
who NEVER treasure hunt...:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda!
Just curious as I have a hobnob lamp in my closet that I refuse to part with -- the electrical does not work in mine. Does the electrical work in your great finds of hobnob lamps?
You make me glad I hung onto mine!!! : ) Karyl

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Karyl, Didn't know how to respond back to you, since your comment is anonymous. Hope that you see this. :)

Yes, my lamps do work, but the wiring is really old, and on my etsy listing, I suggested rewiring them. I would if they were in my home, just for safety. But if yours doesn't work at all, no problem. You can get kits that are not that expensive at home improvements stores such as Lowes or Home Depot, and rewire and replace your electrical parts. It is really easy and doesn't take long at all. Just follow the directions on the kit. Good for you, for hanging on to your lamp. I've been collecting milkglass for years, and it has been pretty cheap. However, just in the last year, I've seen a big jump in popularity and price. Hope this info helps! ...You could probably find a lamp shop to rewire your lamp, but I can't emphasize how easy it is, with one of those kits! And much cheaper than a repair shop will charge!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) ~Rhonda

Heather said...


Thanks for stopping by! Honey I have missed you! I am WAY behind on posting AND visiting! Bad blogger. :(

Congrats on your new Etsy shop!! I am so happy for you. I will go check it out. My sister and I have been hard at work on ours and should have things posted by next week. It's a lot of work!!

I am SUPER jealous of your milk glass finds! Oh my goodness they are grabbing at my heart strings! But you know I have a (serious) weakness for milk glass!!! LOL!!

I need to catch up on your posts and go browse your Etsy!!!


P.S. We are all doing well. Bella has been fever free since her surgery. PRAISE GOD! We are faithful that she is healed!!!

Pearl said...

Hi Rhonda ...
Such a fun post! I loved seeing your new treasures and hearing about your junkin' adventures...
on your new ETSY Shop!
How very exciting for you, and how fortunate for all Etsy shoppers! I wish you much success, Sweetie!
As you know, I'm way behind with blogging 'n visiting, but hope to start catching up... Also hope that you 'n your dear family are all doing well. I think of you often and keep you in prayer...

~ hugs 'n love ~
Pearl ♥

Anonymous said...

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onlymehere said...

I'm off and running on a project now that you're so much better at! I need help moving Trav's entertainment center though so I can paint and rearrange but no one will help me. Larry doesn't want the room touched at all but he also wants my sewing stuff out of the family room, AUGHHH! What's a girl to do? Tomorrow is my day off and no matter what, where, when, or how I'm going to start pulling off his border and patching holes. I've even told the Nicholas and Brandon I'd pay them to help me move the electronics but no one has come to my rescue. I need to call in the calvary! I still haven't decided on a paint color. The carpet is stained in the traffic areas and I want to replace it but unless we get a fabulous tax refund that just isn't in the cards. It's funny no one wants this room to change since Travis was excited to see what I'd do. He knows that I'll put all his stuff back (except for posters and stuff pinned to the wall) how he had it when he comes home so he isn't worried and he knows it will be cleaned. I took pictures before he left so I know where everything goes and he read me off his CDs and DVDs in order on the shelf as I typed them in my computer so they'll even be right! Sorry for the novel but my point is...I wish my calvary didn't live in North Carolina, LOL! Have a fantastic day today and I hope no one pokes you in church this week, lol! Me

onlymehere said...

"The" Nicholas and Brandon, lol! What a typo. Originally it was "the boys" but I went back and changed it to just Nicholas and Brandon...or so I thought! Big smiles! I'm keeping up three blogs now, both of mine and Travis' mission one so no wonder you got lost for a minute! See you on one of them soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Rhonda for all the electrical information help! My mother has kept all her wedding presents from 50+ years ago also. Just like the look of hobnob glass!!! Candlesticks, sugar/creamer set just to name a couple! Glad we hold onto things!
Enjoy your blog!
Karyl in Illinois :)

onlymehere said...

I was thinking about your comment and I've actually thought about an Etsy. My problem is I have so many hours into the dolls and purses that no one would be willing to pay enough for me to make any kind of profit! I also use really good quality fabric so there's extra cost there. I'll keep mulling it over though.

Beverly said...

Whoa! You got some great finds there. I love white hobnail.

Tardevil said...

Wow! You hit the jackpot! We left on the day they did the reveal. In fact, we were probably going through Loris about the time it started. I would have loved for my oldest daughter to have gone to that, but we had to get back. You know there is also a Salvation Army on 2nd Ave (Main St.) in NMB, don't you? It's hit or miss, but sometimes I'll find a thing or 2. Have a good weekend & enjoy your time away. We're preparing for snow/ice. :(

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