Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monkeys & Greenery

Where has all the good junk gone???
Contrary to this time last year, my thrifting expeditions haven't been very productive!

I did manage to snag a couple of things in the last few weeks, like the monkey planter below. It was found at a local thrift store for a couple of dollars. I decided to use it as a soap dish in our guest half bath. But before I unloaded it from the car, it succumbed to a little accident.One of the monkeys lost an arm,
and was repaired with the glue gun.

Are those blue flowers I see? {Just for Sally :)}

Behind that flash in the mirror,
is ME! :)

"Metamorphosis of my Festive Home To Just Plain Winter"

With the temperatures being so cold and as the Christmas decorations come down, my house suddenly looks so bland and lifeless. I've been adding greenery everywhere, mostly little live plants. Interjecting some life and adding some warmth into my home.
Ivy in the fish bowl...
Ivy in a second-hand urn on the piano.
The shorter candlesticks were a Christmas gift from my MIL, found at an antique store in Wilmington. Love them!

The little bromeliad below was on clearance at Lowe's for $3.00.
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I couldn't think of a good catchy name for today's post, so there you have it, 3 posts in one, ...Monkeys and Greenery! :)
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Michael Lee West said...

Love the monkey planter and agonized at the sight of its broken arm. He looks like he's had a full recovery, thanks to your skill. I'm definitely looking into greenery to get me though winter.

Note to self: get a glue gun.

Kathy said...

I have to agree with you - I have not found a great many good junk bargains lately either. I did find some awesome silver flatware last week but not much else. It seems like I used to have to hold myself back to keep from breaking the bank. Maybe the ladies in the blogging community have spread the word about the good stuff a little too well!

The candle sticks from your MIL are very cool and the monkey soap dish is too cute.

Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh girl I wished I could add real plants to my home....But I can't have the dampness around my year ago I had over 200 plants in every room I had couldn't get enough of them...and I could grow anything then ha ha!! Loves just wonderful my friend as always your home is beautiful....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

duchess said...

I love your plants. I wish I could keep mine alive so I could have them all over my home. No such luck. Enjoy your Monday.

Amelia said...

So glad the monkey could be repaired with just a bit of hot glue. Green plants sound like a wonderful idea to something to the rooms...I know after Christmas the house looks so barren.

Enjoy the week.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your monkeys. What a cute find. YOur plants are all just wonderful too. I just gave up and use faux, but I really should try to find some real that I can't kill. Hugs, marty

Lynette said...

I'm with everyone else and love the little monkeys - they make the perfect soap dish!

Good Luck to your girl getting into State! Meghan (my girl) transferred this year from UNC-A and I am so glad! Asheville was 4 hours away from home - I was heart sick. She changed majors though and decided State was a better choice. She really enjoys it - we're from Johnston Co and I think she was a little afraid that she'd feel lost, but she doesn't at all. And, the best part, she comes home on weekends!

SmilingSally said...

You're handy with that glue gun! What a charming guest bath. I love the tiny touch of blue just for me. It makes me feel special! Thanks.

I too, think a house looks more like home with greenery--faux or real. I enjoyed today's visit, Rhonda. Happy Blue Monday.

Manang Kim said...

I see great blues and very nice place. Happy blue monday!

BlueMOnday:Scuba Diving

shopannies said...

love the monkey see, monkey do planter

chubskulit said...

I love your plants!

Colored Pencils is my entry! Have a lovely Monday!

Darlene said...

I love that little monkey planter and it looks great in your bathroom. Love all the greenery, it looks so pretty during these cold winter days. Hope you are enjoying your Monday.♥

Vee said...

Fun to see your lovely home and fun to catch a glimpse of lovely you! I think a bit of green about works wonders.

Cathy said...

Everything is so pretty!!! I love your fish planterand the monkeys are just too cute. I am glad you were able to fix his little arm!!!

Isn't is it nice to have everything put up and clean again?

Thanks for your visit earlier!!!


onlymehere said...

Rhonda!!!!!! I get a glimpse of you! I had a feeling that you looked a lot like Ashley and you do! When do I get to see the rest? I haven't bugged you about it bz I don't like pictures of myself either but now that you've teased me I'm curious! Okay, now I'm done pestering you. I like the monkey bowl and I think it's really fun what you've decided to do with it! I wish I had your creative eye but I just don't, maybe if I keep coming back I can just totally copy everything you do then my home will feel cozy again! Monkey see, monkey do, lol!

Dimple said...

That fish bowl looks wonderful with ivy! Plants do help bring life to winter!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I don't think your house could ever look bland and lifeless! It always looks so beautiful from here in blogland!

Have a wonderful week...


Crystal said...

It looks like you found just the right spot for your monkey planter. I really enjoyed checking out your blog today.
Thanks for sharing

ceekay said...

Good job on the fix!
I can't find much at the resale shops either....I need to go back East and do some shopping!!! Not much here.
Love your new little candlesticks too!

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Oh nooo - poor little monkey arm. I am so glad you opted to use glue rather than duct tape. LOL What a charmer it is, I don't blame you for grabbing it up. Thanks so much for adding my party to your posting. Hope you are able to join next week's Tabletop Tuesday, also. See you then, Barb
ps - let me know when you are coming thru town. If nothing else, I will stand on the side of the road and yell and wave as you go by. :)

Melissa Miller said...

The monkey is adorable Rhonda!
All of your home looks so beautiful.

We are cold here too. Brrr...
Stay warm my friend. ~Melissa :)

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Don't you love super glue? It's my best friend when something accidentally breaks like your sweet little monkeys. All of your vignettes are very pretty, and I think I spy one of my favorite prints on the it called "The Gleaners"? Thanks for sharing.

Kathysue said...

I love the touch of live green plants to bring life to our cold winter. The fish bowl is my favorite, I just think he is so interesting. I did a post about plants on my new blog titled PPL if you get a chance come on by and take a read,Kathysue

my home sanctuary said...

Oh the monkeys are so cute and fit perfectly as a soap holder. I love to repurpose things. BTW if you having withdrawal from thrifting and it is too cold to run around stay warm and come by my blog and check out Tuesday Trade Days. I have something to trade and hopefully some others will join in. You wanna trade something. Go over to or just click on my profile here it will tell you how to get there.
I enjoyed your post.
Have a Blessed Week,

xinex said...

I like the greenery all over your home, makes it warmer and you get more oxygen too....Christine

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I think with the economy the way it is, the thrift stores get picked over fairly quickly, so not much to find. Or everyone is selling their stuff and not donating it. Or just plain keeping their old stuff & not donating it. And don't get me started on the prices that some thrift stores are now charging. They think they are bonafied antique stores. I've found stuff cheaper in an antique store sometimes.

Ok, that is enough ranting & raving. I'm glad you were able to fix your monkey. And adding greenery is a good thing this time of year. I like the little bromeliad the best.

Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Thank goodness for the glue gun! You'd never know the monkey lost an arm on his way to becoming a soap dish. Enjoyed the tour of your lovely home with it's bright spots of Living Greenery. This is my First Second Time Around Tuesday, and I hope you'll have time to stop and visit my post about some of my Thrifty Shoppin!

Chari said...

Hi Rhonda...

My friend, you have such a beautiful home!!! I love your pretty bath with those gorgeous glass blocks beside the mirror! Your little monkey planter looks so cute in the idea of using him for soap! glad that you were able to fix the monkey's little arm too! Hehe! I love all of your green plants! I think they really do bring so much warmth and life into a room...and it's something that can be done fairly easy! Now keeping them green might prove to be a challenge for me! Hehe! Loved all of your beautiful vignettes, Rhonda...thank you for sharing them with us today!!!

Also wanted to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my Silver Elegance buffet vignette...sure enjoyed your sweet note!!!

Warmest winter wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design


Hi Rhonda,
The little monkey is SO happy that you fixed his little arm. Monkeys are funny little creatures and make me smile. They look perfect in your bathroom and make a nice soap dish.
Deb :)

Just a dreamer said...

Your fishbowl is stunning! And, did I detect a pair of Candlewick Candelabra? Your "scapes" are very well put together, job well done.
I know what you mean about the thrift stores lately. GW has gotten so outrageously expensive it's cheaper to go to PB! Jackie

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I'm always in awe of the treasures you girls find at Gw or SA.. I must go on the wrong days, cause girl isn't one "cute" that's just not I love your monkey planter and all the other whimsical things you have sitting around. I think everyone needs something to laugh at daily....these would make me smile.... hugs ~lynne~

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Glad the monkey survived. What a cute little dish. I love decorating with plants - so refreshing!

Christi @ A Southern Life

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Rhonda, I know what you mean about our houses looking so bare after the holidays. Like your metamorphosis with all the greenery/plants. You also metamorphosis that little monkey...glad he has his arm again! :-) What a cute piece...adds a lot of whimsy to your bath! :-)

Jan ~ BellaCasa said...

Thank goodness for glue guns! That poor monkey got the TLC he needed and looks quite happy now.

Greenery...oh yes my home lives for it this time of year even when it is silk :-)