Monday, April 21, 2008

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To....

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Rhonda,
Happy Birthday To ME!

Today I turned 40, and yes, I did cry....but, it was a good thing! "smiles" It was quite a day and the one birthday I will never forget! A lot of people dread those "milestone birthdays"...30, 40, 50, etc..... Not me, I was actually quite excited! So what, that it seems over night, things are starting to droop. My skin is taking on another texture, that I won't dare call wrinkles. And what isn't drooping or "textured," is filled out with a few extra pounds I seem to accumulate with each passing year! And when they talk about the "young kids," I'm not in that group any more, but officially a middle-aged adult! But, I feel like I'm finally at the age, I'm not trying to impress others for and with the wrong things, or stay hip and say all the right things! I'm now free to be me and appreciate the things we really should in my beautiful family....children who fill my heart and make my life what it is each day,....and my husband who loves me like I am....and if he doesn't, he keeps it to himself!

This is my 3rd Birthday!
My Birthday was off to a great start when my sweet husband went first thing that morning to Bojangles, and got us all chicken biscuits.

My daughter woke up at 8:00, to bake me a cake before church. The delicious cake was butter pecan with buttercream icing, and would melt in your mouth!

At 2:00, we met my Mom & Dad, at one of my favorite restaurants at the beach....Bluewater. It features the best deserts in town! In anticipation for my day at the beach, I had been spraying on tan out of a can for days! "smiles"


The festivities were over the for day...or so I thought!!!

We went to the bookstore and hung out a while. My husband was relaxing and all of the sudden said, well let's go....highly unlike him...he could spend hours in a bookstore!!! We load up and head to what I thought.... HOME! My son has turned into a Civil War buff, as we near a park, my husband pulls into it, and tells my son, he wants to show him a civil war cannon that used to be in the park. As we drive up, I see what looks like the back of my mom walking up to a shed, and then I see a car that looks just like me SIL's....and then these people are waving...but the park is crowded, so they are probably waving at a car behind us...and and then we pull into the parking space, and my husband says...."get out"...I open the door...and they all start singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

And then....I CRIED!!!

My sister-in-law, Leighann, and dear friend, Jeanna threw me a SURPRISE 40th Birthday!

I found out later they had been planning it for months, and everyone knew about it....and I had absolutely no idea! I was touched beyond measure!!! I love to throw is one of the things I live for...LOL! It was really strange, when the tables were turned and I was the one the party was for! Leighann and Jeanna did a wonderful job and threw me an amazing party!!! They rounded everyone up, and coordinated every little detail, which was quite a feat considering they had to drag all the stuff to the park, on a very windy day! Several people brought food and the fellowship was great!

Thank You, Leighann & Jeanna!!!!!

......and, to all the others who chipped in!!!

My sister-in-law, Leighann, at the end of the table in the flowered jacket & my MIL in the pink shirt.

Jeanna, in the white top and shorts...

My Mom and Dad, on the end!

Kevin, my witty husband (in the light blue shirt), entertaining the guys with his jokes and tales! He is a great storyteller! :)


I received some WONDERFUL GIFTS!!!

These were some of the funnier ones....

This was my gift from my dad! It was actually an old metal coal bucket I loved, but the packaging...he went all out didn't he! LOL!!!

And what is a milestone birthday without a gag, Over the Hill gift....and so, this was mine from Leighann...oh she got me good, but I'm not above regifting...and she turns 40 next year! LOL!!!

Another gag gift from Leighann! My legs are so short, I have to slide the driver's seat all the way, as far as it will go, UP to the steering wheel....everyone picks on me and says I look like Garfield plastered to the windshield!


This was a wonderful Birthday, but I did not share it alone!

Edna Parker, from Indiana, turned 115 today! The oldest human being alive! She was born in 1893, and was widowed in 1939!

Happy Birthday, Edna!


Rue said...

Happy birthday!! 40? I'm almost there with you. 1 1/2 years away in fact...

What a sweet thing your family did for you!!

Thank you so much for the story about your house. It gives me a lot of hope :)

Have a beautiful birthday...

rue :)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I love the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Come by and see me when you get a chance. I have something for you. Hugs, Terrie

Charlotte said...

Hi. I came here from Terrie's lil' piece of serenity. I'm glad I found you. I've enjoyed your blog. Great party for your 40th. Turning 40 didn't bother me either. However, turning 30 did. Turning 50 was OK. I hated turning 60. 70 was no fun either, but I'm glad to still be hanging around. 115? No way, I'll never make it that far.

Kathy said...

Happy 40th, Rhonda! What a great family you have! The party pics look like a good time was had by all. I especially enjoyed the "Hooter Hoister" - I had my
55th birthday in December...still can't believe it! 115 year old Edna Parker...what an awesome lady. I won't whine anymore. I'm just a baby! So glad you had such a special birthday. Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Mrs. B said...

Happy Birthday! How sweet of your family and friends to give you that party! And your cakes look very yummy!

justabeachkat said...

Awwww....sorry I missed your birthday...and it was a big one too! Happy Happy Birthday! It looks like your loved ones made it special for you.