Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back in Full Swing...Facing the Necessary Evils...


How I wish that I could be a super mom and boast proudly that I LIVE for HOUSEWORK!
...and that my house is certainly a destined representative for a Mr. Clean commercial!

I do keep a somewhat tidy home, if closets do not count....or my 9 year old son's bedroom! Do we EVEN need to go there???

I admit cleaning house provides instant gratification; the smell, sparkle, and shine....rewards of your efforts! And if my home could retain it's cleanliness just a little longer, I wouldn't begrudge it so! Just how fast, and in what quantities can dust bunnies, dirty dishes, and dirty laundry accumulate! It's astounding!!! The eighth wonder of the world!

There are many things I'd rather be doing....reading a good book, riding the roads in search of a new thrift or antique store to explore, playing in my flowers, or blogging! "smiles" ...or, and I am woman enough to admit it...taking an occasional NAP!

If I could be Jane, of the Jetsons, and have a ROSIE the sweet would that be! My dear husband, who does NOT assist with household duties, has instead offered that I hire outside help....A MAID! But I would only have to clean up, before she comes to clean up! How can that be any help at all?

I have created a tactic to prod my desire to clean a new decor accessory, even if it is small & inexpensive! You can't put a newbie in dirty territory! LOL! OR, a new cleaning product...I'm always eager to try something new, and with the new tantalizing fragrances of cleaning products..... How can you not possibly imagine that you are an exclusive spa, while the scents of AMETHYST MIST surround and provoke your senses?!?! Certainly makes laundry a little more bearable!

So, since I am feeling better, I must face this battle! Put on my big girl pants and go face the chores that await! I certainly wouldn't want to get fired and lose my good job! But then, I think it is secure! "smiles"


Mrs. B said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Ugh, don't you hate how things accumulate when you can't get to them! My biggest problem is putting the clean laundry away!

Picket said...

Hey glad you are up and about...You'll have your house back in shape in no time..just pace yourself...plenty of Pepsi and fig newtons! Have a great night friend...

Donna Lynn said...

Pepsi and Fig newtons? How about Starbucks and dark chocolate?
So happy you are up and feeling better...
Housework, I love to clean but find myself blogging instead! No really!... when I don't keep the house clean, someone always comes over and catches me with my pants down so to speak! So now I have a plan, keep the house clean, get dressed, put makeup on and no one will come over...oh bummer that isn't fun either! Just keep blogging, eventually the house will clean itself...Rosie? Oh, Rosie where are you?

Donna Lynn

Judy said...

Hey Rhonda! I'm so glad you are feeling better....I'm still not "up to par" and may not work boss kept saying I sounded "terrible" today! Let me first say I love your banner, anything with monkeys gets my attention! Also, the ties on the backs of my dining room chairs were some bronze colored chair ties I picked up at Target 1/2 price after Christmas but I need to take them off until I get the chairs refinished and recovered. In the picture they look kinda cheap but they are really pretty in "person".
I hope I can get in the cleaning mood soon but since we'll have the twins this weekend, I don't see that happening anytime soon...oh, well, the dust will wait!



Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I loved your post today! So.. cute!

I love your music;Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses!
Hugs, Terrie

Anonymous said...

You know I never understood women who said that they loved to clean. Ugh!! I have always seen it as nothing but a chore BUT I do like the end result. I just don't really like the journey getting there. So I am right there with you. So let's all get our big girl pants on and clean!!!

LeAnn :)

Jewelgirl said...

Hey, send me Rosie over, she was
always my fav character on the
Jetsons! Have a good (I can spell
good not like in my last post. LOL)

Tammy said...

I love your blog! You crack me up. It's like listening to my own thoughts. lol You say what I think. I always wished I could get ready ike the Jetsons did, just stand there and be dressed and coiffed (is that a word?) :)