Monday, April 7, 2008

On The Road Again...

God Bless Our Troops!

Most of my weekend was spent on the road! On Friday, I had to drive my mom to the doctor, and we encountered this sight on our return!

We are located half way between a Marine base and an Army base. Military convoys are a common occurence, but I've never seen one quite like this!

I wanted to stop the car, and salute or clap for them! :)

Thanks to all who serve our country, and their families who support their loved ones!


O Spring, Where art Thou???

On Saturday, I had to drive over to our lake house, to check on some repairs being done.

If you look outside, it looks like Spring, BUT it has rained and drizzled for over a week, and today is a chilly 53 degrees. Which, in eastern NC, on the coast in April, that is pretty cold! :)

The ride was a beautiful sight....God's magnificent wonder & handiwork! :)

Wisteria dripping from the trees, delicate lavender drops...

Azaleas bursting with color...

The Boys & Girls Home of North Carolina

The winding road around the lakefront was almost magical! It was an overcast and dreary day, yet the vivid colors of the wisteria, dogwoods, azaleas, and flowering pear trees just popped against the bleak canvas, and were so vibrant!

The clouds are beginning to roll in (AGAIN)...time to head home before the storm!

Good timing...we were almost home when the downpour began! We got over 3" of rain Saturday, which was a blessing!

Our home in the distance...

And last, but not least....Another Big Pink Azalea???

I think not! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ! ~ Rhonda


Cottage Dreaming said...

I love your name. Sooo cute. Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad to have found your blog. I enjoyed reading about your kids and tea collection. Come by again.

Judy said...

Rhonda - I couldn't sleep so I'm up blogging (you'll do the same - trust me!). Sooo glad you found me and I'm adding you to my blog roll.
My mother's family originated in N. Carolina and she grew up there. Her 2nd cousin is Elizabeth Dole (from Salisbury) and also the preacher Billy Graham.
Mom grew up in Cooleemee and Salisbury - have you ever heard of Cooleemee?
I can't wait to visit with you again. You can always e-mail me (address on my sidebar).



Judy said...

I'm very flattered that you want to "borrow" some of my ideas....that's what so wonderful about this blogging thing, we can all be inspired with wonderful new ideas for our home, etc.

Take plenty of pictures of the group at your house...I remember those days well! Son now almost 34 and daughter will be 32 in October (where have the years gone?) Enjoy this time of their lives to the fullest.



Mrs. B said...

That "parade" must have been quite a sight!

Those azaleas and wisteria are just beautiful! I love wisteria! Looks like you live in a very pretty place.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come visit again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda, Thanks so much for visiting me. I shop that I went to was in Charlotte. They also have one in Pinehurst and Aberdeen. I thought N.C. was so much fun but was hoping for better weather. I definitely think I could live there. No, I do not make my cakes, I just copied them off of the web. I wish I could take credit for them. Stop by anytime.

LeAnn :)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hi Scooter! Thank you for visiting my little corner and leaving a comment so that I could visit you, too.

I was here last night and read about the troops pulling out...can't agree with you more...God bless them!

It was interesting to take the tour of your community even if the storm clouds were hovering. What beautiful spring blossoms you're enjoying. Wish that I could say the same!

Rue said...

I just love wisteria! Beautiful drive :) Love the septic guy at the end LOL

rue :)

jillian said...

My husband & I were just talking about a vacation in N. Carolina along the coast. It sounds and looks beautiful! (We've never been there). I'm so glad you stopped by, and yes, the dolls are for sale through Thanks for asking, I'll add it to my post!
I'll check back soon!!