Friday, April 18, 2008

Show & Tell Friday....

Friday is my busiest day and today was no exception, but I have for weeks, wanted to participate and share in Kelli's challenge at There is no place like Home
....Show & Tell Friday!

As the Rabbit said in Alice in Wonderland...."Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it is getting!"

It's 10:30, ... thankfully I still have time...

These are two of my favorite treasures!

No one really appreciates the architectural piece as much as I do...LOL!

You can't handle it without creating dust from crumbling plaster...

About 10 years ago, the college I graduated from was renovating a stately old mansion, that was probably bequeathed to them. It had fallen in a sad state of disrepair. All of the columns had to be recast and the old pieces, this being one of them, were left by the road for trash pick-up! A friend of mine rescued a piece for the both of us!

I just feel like we salvaged a piece of history!

The hat box beside it was given to me by my Dad....the tightest man with a dollar you will ever meet! "smiles" Remembering that I used to collect old vintage hats years ago, he bought it for me! So I was VERY touched! I just added the flowers for interest...I like to "think outside of the box," when decorating! LOL!

I already have several things in mind to post next week!
....So, I hope you will come again! ~Rhonda
Sorry that I don't have the link to Kelli's House ~ There is no place like Home, directly from this post! I'm new at blogging and have not mastered even the simple stuff yet! :) But if you go over to my favorite can link to her site from there!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That is a very special architectural piece! A special treasure indeed! Nice hatbox too! I'm glad you have joined us with S&T!


ceekay said...

You did a great job. Your things are great. Do you live in South Carolina? I love SC. Visit at least every 2 years. Come visit my blog sometime when you get a chance.
Don't worry about the new to blogging....I started a few months ago. You will be a pro in no time!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

How cool is that?? To have a hat box your dad bought for you. I am so..jealous. I love the south. I think I must have been a southern belle in a past lifetime. lol
Yes, I did change my blog name. I'm happy now. Have a great night!

Connie Marie said...

We have family in SC, we rarely get over that way though.

Fun that you were fortunate enough to get a piece of your college besides what you got in your head!

I like your hat box full of beautiful flowers.

Jaderocks said...

A wonderful story for both of your items. There is just something about hat boxes that makes them so dear. They made them as beautiful as the hats that were in them. And having a piece fom a building that no longer is standing is so neat.
Thanks for sharing this memory.

Rue said...

Hi there sweetie :)

I think it's wonderful that your friend brought home those little pieces of history. It looks lovely there :) Of course I love the hat box. Gifts from those we love are always the most precious :)

Have a fantastic Saturday my friend!

Jewelgirl said...

Welcome! It won't be long and
you'll be telling the newbies
how to blog! Great first Show
and Tell, love the flowers in the
hat and the salvaged building