Monday, June 30, 2008

Lakehouse Project Temporarily Postponed...

Yesterday after church, and our Sunday afternoon nap, Kevin and I decided we would run to the lake house for a few hours to work on some little odd jobs. The last thing we said to the kids was, "Stay INSIDE and lock the doors!" Sure thing, they assured us!

Kevin was in the middle of hanging blinds, and I was touching up the paint around the windows, when the phone rang. Okay, this can't be good, because no one but Ashley and David knows we are here. It was Josh on his cell, and he said that David had fallen off his bike, and possibly broken his arm. So I immediately called Ashley, and this was the conversation...

Me) Ashley, Josh called and said David was hurt, what's wrong?

Ash) Well David, know my little brother David, well, he went outside and was riding his bike, know the silver one, and he....

Me) Ashley, IS HE OKAY???

Ash) NO! Come quick....((Click!))

Luckily, the lake house is only 15-20 minutes away! I had by the time they called me put on my "painting clothes," which display the many samples of colors I have painted over the last 5 years. So I was redressing, as Kevin drove!

Sure enough, David's arm was "deformed", and so it was off to the hospital we went. He was trembling and pale, but didn't shed a tear. Ashley on the other hand was all to pieces! Bless her heart!

We were fortunate to be taken right in at the hospital and things moved very quickly! The x-rays revealed that he had broken his left arm, right above the wrist. He was one tough little guy, the staff couldn't get over his tolerance for the pain, considering the break. The radiologist told him, that she had had adults, with lots less of a break, scream and cry...and I said, that would be Me! At one point, I asked David if he would like me to take a picture, 'cause I always have my camera handy. And he said No, he didn't want to remember this day. At which my husband jokingly replied, "It would end up on your mama's blog." Not that he thinks I am that insensitive, but that I love blogging, alot! He just knows that our family is going to end up as a some sitcom, over my blog. But I assured him that there are far more bizarre and exciting people on here, than us! :)

Today, we are scheduled to see an orthopedist, and then in couple of days, after the swelling recedes, the arm will be casted.

I have been so stressed out the last few weeks, with the renovations at the lake house. And you know how remodeling can snowball! As soon as one project is complete, you see two more that need attending to! Before the crisis last night, I thought we might possibly make the deadline of Friday, for our 4th Cookout! But now we won't! And it really doesn't matter! The house will not be perfect! Doors will need another coat of paint, some pictures may not be hung, and the dust may not be all gone. But my guests will understand and we will enjoy ourselves all the same. And David will be okay! And as his mom, that's all that really matters! "smiles"


Jan & Tom's Place said...

awww...poor little guy...and sis...and mom...awwww

He's in our prayers for quick healing!

~Blessings to ALL

Jan & Tom's Place said...

awww...poor little guy...and sis...and mom...awwww

He's in our prayers for quick healing!

~Blessings to ALL

Jan & Tom's Place said... seems I posted twice, so DOUBLE BLESSINGS~

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about your son! I'll keep him in my prayers. Have a great 4th* Nancy:)

Vanessa Greenway said...

Oh boy! I'm so sorry to hear that and hope he is feeling a little better. Hugs, Vanessa

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Sorry to hear about the mishap! Hope the healing will be quick and painfree!

I cracked a bone in my arm about 3 years ago...and it hurt pretty bad. I can imagine how much that break hurt!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Prayers for a quick healing! Glad he is OK though.

All will be just fine even if the house isn't perfect. Everybody will have a wonderful time!

Hope your week isn't too stressful!

Beverly said...

Ah, bless his heart. And, yours, too.

onlymehere said...

Rhonda, I so feel for you and your son. I'll never forget when my oldest Nicholas was about nine. His sister came running home to tell me that he had been hurt in a vacant lot in our neighborhood. Sure enough when I got to him he had an obvious deformity of his arm. He had broken both bones in his forearm when he fell out of a tree (yes he had been told not to climb it!). He's lucky he didn't hurt his back too with the way he fell. I know it's hard to be in the ER while they're attending to your child. It hurts our hearts to see our children hurt even though we know the doctors and nurse's are going to make them better. I pray that he has a good result after his visit to the orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully no surgery will have to be done. We'll keep him in our prayers. Cindy

Picket said...

Oh sorry to hear about your little one...I pray he heals quickly and that you and the family just take a deep breath...your beautiful lake house will be fine and your 4th of July gathering will be just that...'A Gathering' of family and love and's not the house that makes the's the memories that make the you girl..have a great week!

Lidian said...

Rhonda, I'm so sorry...thinking of you all!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

You have a gorgeous family!! Do you know we are the same age! Although I intend to be 39 for the next 5 years at least!!

Do you have pics of your lake house on your blog? (I will check to see)

I would love to own a fixer upper beach house as well (We have no lakes here really), hubby and I have the same ambition where that is concerned.

See you later