Saturday, December 5, 2009

Countdown 'til Christmas ~ Day 20/Kitchen Gingerbread Tree

2009 Christmas Celebration
~ Countdown 'til Christmas ~
Day 20

Kitchen Christmas Tree
~The Gingerbread Tree~
A collaboration of ornaments collected over the last 10 years, or so.

Tree Topper... Bouncin' Santa

Originally, I used a full-size pencil tree, but after finding the butcher block a couple of years ago, I no longer had room. This year, I found the tree in the urn, and it now sits above the block.

"And I had but one penny in the world. Thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread." – William Shakespeare, Love’s Labours Lost
Hope you will join me tomorrow for Day 19!
~ Comments Appreciated, even if just to say "Hi!" :) ~

Happy 17th Anniversary, Kevin!
The BEST Christmas Present Ever!
Love You, Rhonda


Amelia said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.

Love the tree - so cute with all the gingerbread people peeking around.

Darlene said...

I LOVE your gingerbread Christmas tree. That Santa is also fabulous!! LOVE it!!

Happy, HAPPY Anniversary!!!♥

ceekay said...

Happy Anniversary. Your tree is sooo cute. I would love to start a kitchen tree. They are sweet....waiting for day 19!


Hi Friend,
Happy Anniversary..
Fun to see one of your trees. Will be fun to see more.
Happy weekend.
Deb :)

southerninspiration said...

Happy Anniversary my friend....and the tree is just adorable!


Southern Lady said...

What a pretty gingerbread tree, Rhonda. You have such a nice collection of ornaments, my favorite being the little gingerbread girl!

Best wishes to you and Kevin for the happiest anniversary celebration ever!



Heather said...

I would have never thought to put a tree in the kitchen! Of course, until we get a house, I'm lucky to have room to put up the regular tree!! I LOVE the gingerbread theme! You always have the most amazing decor. My kids helped with our tree this year- it is a little bottom-heavy. LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by! I MISS you SO much!!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!!! Here's to many, many more years together!!!!


Kathi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a pretty tree. Kathi

Tardevil said...

Aaaaaaawwwwww!! How sweet. Happy Anniversary! I've been married 17 years this past June too. I'm so glad you posted this b/c I've been considering doing a gingerbread or gumdrop tree for my kitchen this year. Cracker Barrel has the cutest gingerbread ornaments this year. If you haven't seen them, be sure to check them out. They were 25% off last time I was in there.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love your gingerbread tree! So cute!!:-)

Anonymous said...

Morning Rhonda! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I too do a gingerbread tree in the kitchen but I have to say I ABSOLUTELY ADORE that Santa with the pocket full of gingerbread!!! Just makes me smile! I'll be doing my kitchen/fam room today????lol 20 days left! Thanks for the reminder! Time to visit Ashley for some ideas for my daughter!lol Have a great week! Sincerely, Jeannette

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Rhonda,
Your gingerbread tree is wonderful! So festive, you are a great designer! I don't think I would ever leave the kitchen with a tree like that in there.

Your blog is just beautiful.

Hey, Happy anniversary too!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hope it was a very happy one!


Sheila :-)

onlymehere said...

Happy belated anniversary! Has it really been this long since I've been able to read your blog? I'm so ashamed of myself. You must have thought I'd forgotten all about you. The tree is too adorable. My tree is full of varied ornaments (okay nor ornaments yet this year on it but I'm working on it) and I love the variety of it. Gingerbread has a warm spot in my heart whether it be houses or men/women! Oh great, now I'm hungry for gingerbread cake with chocolate chips....I think I'll go make a pan, lol! Have a great day!