Friday, May 2, 2008

Temptation & Pride...

I dropped off my son for school this morning, and low and behold, what did I spot in a curbside pile of rubbish, but an old rusty wagon!
"Spring & an old wagon"...just think of the possibilities!
Oh how I wanted to pull right up and load that little diamond in the rough, into my suburban. The urgency and temptation just too great!
But I wouldn't! ~ I just couldn't!
My son attends a private school, and what would the other perfectly groomed soccer mommies think of me!
Or my son's classmates...did I mention his room is in the front of the school, with a window looking out to the road?....and in direct view of the trashpile!

Normally, I have no shame, when acquiring a junked out treasure!
But, if I plummaged through this pile of rusty metal and rubble, would my son possibly understand, could he forgive his Mom for this one embarrassing indiscretion???
Probably Not!
I'm sure that taking these pictures, probably raised quite a few eyebrows of uncertainity!

Pride is a terrible thing! Amongst all of my imperfections, therein lies pride, and I let it get the best of me today! ...Don't judge me, you know you've had your moments of weakness too! LOL! And yes, I know PRIDE is a SIN with a big, fat capital "S" ! But what you might not understand, is that NOT many appreciate my love for junk, least of all my family! My vivid imagination often frightens them and they just can't grasp my vision, until the final product is revealed!

Last week, this same household had another "pile of interest." And in it was an old, wood piano stool, with the swivel seat...painted turquoise blue! Can't you just imagine the beauty of it!!! And if the color doesn't work, well that isn't anything a new coat of paint won't fix!

I left it behind for the same reasons, and by afternoon pick-up, sadly it was gone!

So, for now, I'll patiently wait out my time! It's Friday, everyone will leave the school promptly at 3:00....and if my little rusty wagon waits for me until the last car pulls out of the driveway,



Rhondamum said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it is still there when the time comes. That is just horrible that the pile is right across the road from you son's school, and his classroom to top it all off.

I would be tempted to drive by slowly a couple of times, find the best possible grabbing point, and go grab that sucker while your son is at lunch.

Don't worry, I am not judging you at all and totally understand! How could I judge someone with the same name as me - LOL!

Keep us posted and thanks for sharing!


Constance said...

OMG! I'll go with you and drive the getaway car! They won't recognize mine! Ha Ha!

A Hint of Home said...

Don't wait till 3. Go back now an get it or you will forever kick yourself.

Thanks for stopping by today and for your comments. I love that paper, too. It has a funny story behind it. I will share and post the room in the near future. I already had it in mind to do but haven't taken the time to do it right.

Have a gread day!

Pam said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that little wagon! I just have to say, this is the first photo of trash piles I've seen on someone's blog. YOU GO GIRL!

Pam said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that little wagon! I just have to say, this is the first photo of trash piles I've seen on someone's blog. YOU GO GIRL!

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I hope you get it!!! I had an old one with a broken wheel. I can't even remember where I got it from. I loved it and planted flowers in it. The bottom finally rusted out and I had to be rid of it last year. My husband does not always appreciate my "vision" in junk either :o)

So glad you're joining the 24/7 prayer group. I'll e-mail you!!!

Lidian said...

Oh, I really really hope you get it! I have had the exact same thing happen to me, but i left it and it was gone (wicker baskets, they were. Also small 'slipper chairs' from the 1920s, can't think about it, still am upset years later)...oh, just go on and get it, honestly, who cares what they think! It is so great, that wagon! Please tell us when you get it...

My mother had a piano stool like that - not aqua though...that would have been really cool, though. Love aqua.

Deb said...

It's 5:49 my time, you have to tell us whether or not you have that wagon, it was great, I would love to have it myself. Deb

Rue said...

Go get your ski mask on and get that wagon! ;)


Judy said...

Girl, you should have snagged that wagon! I get some strange looks when I get stuff off the curb but lucklily, hubby has caught the "fever" and is always finding stuff.

I also enjoyed seeing all the little smocked dresses you made. My mom was a wonderful seamstress and made all of my daughter's clothes...mostly smocked. I did smock a few but she put them together. One time for school pictures she had on one of her darling dresses but pulled out a cheap plastic necklace to wear with it for the picture. I told her to take it off and leave it at home cause it didn't go with her dress. Guess what? When the pictures came back, there was that guady necklace in all its glory around her neck while she had on a gorgeous smocked dress! Everytime I see that picture, I smile thinking how she pulled one over on ol' mom!


Anonymous said...

You go girl.....dumpster dive as well call it sometimes.

LeAnn :)

decorator101 said...

I'm so curious was the wagon there? Did you take it home and save the planet and the dumb sites from be coming overfilled? You must let us know... Hugs to you dear heart. Lynne

Deb said...

Hi, hope you're planting or whatever you decided for your wagon, stop by I have something for you. Let me know what happened with the wagon. Deb

celestina marie said...

Well, by now you either got the wagon or not. I sure hope so. I loved your post and you said it best, how we in the creative world feel. So hard to pass up a roadside treasure.
Have a great weekend!
La Rea Rose

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Well... did you get the wagon???

Feathering My Nest said...

I love that little wagon. I'd get it in a hearbeat!! So adorable! Let us know, the suspense is killing us!! LOL Kathi

Karla said...

Awww... I hope you get it!

jillian said...

Here's how you solve this. Tell the children and everyone else that you're teaching them a lesson about helping the environment by doing your part recycling, then run away quickly!!!! hee hee! My husband used to be so embarrassed when I would pick up furniture from the curbside, until he saw how much I would sell it for after I painted it. Now he brings home whatever he can find!! Please tell us if you got your little hands on that wagon!!