Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Tribute...

...a time to honor those who lost their lives, while serving in our armed forces.

Thank you, just doesn't seem adequate for such a noble and gallant sacrifice, so that I can be free as I am today, as my children we all are!

Seven of my uncles, and my paternal grandad, did not die in combat, but served their country proudly. My paternal grandmother was a "Rosie Riveter," during WWII, leaving North Carolina, to work in California.

My father-in-law, Bill enlisted in the Coast Guard as a young man, during Vietnam. Besides his two children and four grand-children, he considered serving his country his greatest endeavor. He served twelve years, four of them in active duty. Until the day he died, at 64 years old, he still walked the "soldier's walk," with the click of his heel.

I've often thought, how frightening it must have been for Bill, a country boy from rural North Carolina, who was one of two boys, whose mother sheltered them with her care. for them three times a day, and taking care of all their needs. How did it feel to report to duty that very first day, in a foreign environment, where the future seemed so uncertain? But he was eager and ready to go!

So, to all the brave heroes that serve(d) America well, I pay this tribute of respect to you and your families...

"A Hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."

~ Joseph Campbell

Wishing you all a good and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
...and if you happen to be a spouse, child, or mother of someone who has served....Thank you!
~With all due respect, Rhonda


Beverly said...

What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute. I join with you in thanking all of the brave men and women who serve our country loyally.

We are all truly blessed.

Penless Thoughts said...

Great post and tribute Rhonda. I trust things are better and you know I'm praying for you and yours.

Picket said...

Morning Scooter....what a beautiful and heart touching tribute...How easily we forget that this glorious free country we live in comes at a great price..God bless you and yours sweetie...Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Dear Rhonda,
What a beautiful touching tribute to all those who have served! Every word perfect and true. Thank you for such a beautiful post and thoughts you have shared with us today.
Big Hugs, Sherry

Pearl said...

Hi Rhonda... As always, such a beautiful and precious post. Your blog is looking awesome and I plan to come back to completely catch up, soon! I wanted to thank you for your prayers and kind, uplifting words... you are such a dear ~hugs~

Please stay safe... you and your loved ones remain in my prayers.


Southern Lady said...

Rhonda, your ability to express in words such heartfelt compassion and emotion never ceases to awe me. Your Memorial Day tribute said it all ... Blessings to you and your family.


Dawn said...

What a wonderful tribute to our servicemen. You certainly have a lot of the in your family!

Thanks for stopping by my S&T this week - I always love to have new friends visiting! Your candlesticks are gorgeous - I've never been to NYC, and am intimidated to do so! Isn't that silly?

I used to love sewing for myself and Kristen. Even Kev at times. I can't do it any more, and I miss it. The old eyes just can't even see to thread a needle any more. Growing old can be the pits!

Please come back any time!

Lisa said...

That is a wonderful tribute! I am so thankful for all those who have served and are now serving our country. We often take our freedom for granted.

Anonymous said...

Lovely..Beautiful blog too!

Judy said...

I can't remember if I ever asked you what part of NC you are from. My mother and her family are from there....she's been in Ala. since the 1940s; however, her mother, father and brother are buried there. She was born near Salisbury and her 2nd cousin is Elizabeth Dole! Also, on her father's side, she is related to Billy Graham (the preacher). In his last days, my uncle moved back to Cooleemee which is just outside of Mocksville. That's where she grew up, my grandfather was the foreman of the mill there.
N.C. is a beautiful state but sad to say, we may never return as she says she doesn't think she can make the trip to visit again. She does stay in touch with some relatives there, some in Charlotte and around that area.
Who knows? We might be kin!


Feathering My Nest said...

Rhonda, This is a beautiful tribute to our service men. You expressed words better than I could have and I appreciated reading them. God bless your family, and stay safe. Kathi

Mrs. B said...

What a wonderful tribute to the men and women serving our country!

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

Kathy said...

A beautiful tribute, Rhonda. My father-in-law passed away in October and the military flag ceremony was amazing...Kathy

Grand Life said...

Great Memorial Day post. I did one also dedicated to my Dad. After you commented on my blog the other day I went looking for a great book I read a couple of years ago about the founding by the Dutch of New Amsterdam. It was so interesting. I had to force myself to read slow so it would last longer. The title is "The Island at the Center of the World" by Russell Shorto. You could get a used copy on Amazon pretty cheap. Lets compare N.Y. ideas.

justabeachkat said...

What a great post! There's a great video at the end of my last post honoring our "warriors". It's worth watching.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day.

Deb said...

That was very lovely, Rhonda.